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15 Surprising Uses for Ketchup

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A loyal midnight snack partner and kids all-season favourite, surely the classic ketchup cannot get any better. For something that gets along with everything to being one of the cheapest condiments, ketchup is a lifesaver in the kitchen. Made from ripe tomatoes, a bit of salt and pepper and a dash of magic the ketchup can do more for you than imagined.

It has a huge list of nutritional benefits. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and can help in reducing signs of ageing. It keeps your cholesterol in check by cutting down on the bad kind.

Ketchup can also keep your eyesight top-notch with their high vitamin A and C content. This would also boost immunity in kids, keeping the doctor at bay. And perhaps, the greatest benefit of them all, it makes healthy food taste exciting.

But is acting as a side to a sandwich all that the ketchup is capable of? With its naturally occurring properties and abundance, the ketchup can lend out a hand in more than one situation. Here we have listed 15 alternative uses for the condiment that don’t involve food at all.

15 Surprising Ketchup Uses:

1. Cleaning Copper Vessels

Traditionalists have always advocated the benefits of using copper instead of commercialized steel. From storing water to mixing up a great stew, copper vessels can pack in extra benefits that are amiss otherwise.

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With repeated use, however, copper can easily develop green rust. Due to naturally occurring oxidization, this process cannot be prevented even with the most stringent of maintenance. If you are in despair on how to get the green gunk out, look no further than your ketchup bottle.

To get your coppery gleam back, squeeze some ketchup out into a washcloth. Proceed to wipe down all your copper vessels rigorously. Keep in mind that scrubbing copper vessels can create scratches on their surface. Which is why while choosing a washcloth, select one that is most preferably made from the microfiber cloth. Clean and rinse with warm water for a good as new shine.

2. Clean Silver Jewellery

Similar to copper, silver is also easily tarnished when kept out in the open for a long time. With constant contact to air, it can gradually blacken over time, diminishing its shine.

Most silver cleaners restore shine by eroding a thin layer off the top. Extended use of these cleaners can weaken your jewellery and make it more brittle over time. For a more natural way to combat dulling, try cleaning them with ketchup instead.

3. Make Instant Gel Pouches

Going out for a family picnic? This hack will save you fussy tantrums and little ouchies from kids. Freeze some ketchup packets overnight to make them into gel pouches that can soothe bruises and bumps.

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Additionally, they can also relieve mosquito bites and reduce their itchiness. Due to their semi-solid consistency, they can retain the coolness for longer while being comfortable to use.

4. Cleaning Car Alloys

It can get hard to slough off dried dust and mud from exterior alloys on cars. Save up on weekly car wash fare by using a bit of ketchup to get the stains out.

Rub on the condiment where the dirt accumulates and leave it on for some time. You can simply wash off the ketchup with warm water and rinse it doubly to make sure it is completely removed. And voila! The ketchup leaves behind a car that looks like it has just rolled out of the showroom.

5. Nontoxic Finger-paint for Art

Toddlers love to put any and everything in their mouths. Which is why it can get a little hard to be able to give them anything to create with. Painting is an essential part of learning motor and coordination skills in early childhood.

To make sure that your child can have a fun evening without the repercussions, use ketchup as finger paints for them to be able to unleash the Picasso.

6. Soothe Insect Bites

To keep from aggressively itching at an insect bite, try slathering it in ketchup. By applying cool ketchup, you can get temporary relief from an urge to uncontrollably scratch at the bite, which can do more harm than good.

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Ketchup has acidic properties and therefore alters the pH of your skin to provide comfort. You would only need to keep the sauce for about 5-10 minutes, after which you can wash it away. An easy and on had remedy for whenever you find yourself battling mosquitos next time.

7. Emergency Shaving Cream

Now, we realize that slathering ketchup all over your face may not be the most appealing idea. There might be merit to the idea, as tomatoes have been a staple anti-ageing miracle worker since times unknown.

And secondly, they are always easily available, in all sizes no matter where you might be. For some emergency meeting, ketchup can help you save some precious minutes do that you don’t have to rush to the corner store.

8. Restore Your Hair After Chlorine Swim

Maintaining blonde hair does not mean you have to skip out pool days. The content of pool water can often turn your hair into a nightmare the next day. To combat the effects of chlorinated water, simply let your hair rest in a ketchup mask for some time.  The tomato will get rid of the green while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

9. Clean Gardening Equipment

For all the green thumbs, this hack can save you loads on the cleansers. Cleaning gardening equipment takes a lot of soap and effort, which are terrible on accounts.

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Firstly, with a near-daily usage, the bill for these cleansers stack up quite high and very soon too. Secondly, by using chemical cleaners for your tiny tots can cause them to react negatively. Ketchup can get you the same results at a much cheaper and friendlier use.

10. Get Rid of Fox Smells in the House

Dog owners can sympathize with the struggle of having your dog go out and come back with skunk smell all over. Rather than cutting down your playtime, you can use ketchup to get the skunk out of your house by using ketchup. Simply put all the clothes that have a peculiar scent in ketchup soak for a while and then throw them in the washer. No more restrictions on visiting the puppy park!

11. Use a Ketchup Bottle as Cake and Cupcake Topper

While ketchup itself is a godsend, the number of bottles that we throw away is a waste. Convert these bottles into something infinitely more useful by using them as bottles for whipping cream. The nozzle at top is easier to operate than using plastic wraps. The narrow tube can help you to get more precise results and even indulge in more intricate decorating projects. The bottle makes it accessible for the younger bakers in your house as well.

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12. Attach a Ketchup Top to Vacuum and Clean Your Keyboard

We are all advised against it, but none of us really follow the rule of not snacking over the laptop. Getting the crumbs out of your keyboard is one of the most tedious tasks to ever exist. Rather than just leaving it be, you can repurpose a ketchup bottle and the handy vacuum cleaner to do the job. Attach the ketchup nozzle atop the vacuum tube and use it to get to all the nooks and crannies.

13. Shine Keys

Rusty keys are difficult to operate, and sometimes they don’t even open their intended locks due to the rust. To get back to their former shine and shape, simply coat them with ketchup and rub gently to dislodge the rust. wash once with lukewarm water and there’s a key to all or at least one of your troubles.

14. Put Pancake Mix in a Ketchup Bottle

If you are inspired by all the pancake art circulating nowadays, you can create your own version by using an empty ketchup bottle. The nozzle and elasticity of the bottle come together to form a thin but steady stream of batter. This makes it easier for novices to exercise all of their creative tendencies.

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15. Use Ketchup to Create Fake Blood

Whether it be Halloween or a theatre project, fake blood is hard to come by. Adding on the cost and how difficult it is to get out, the experience is just not worth it. With the help of some cocoa powder and golden syrup however, you can make your own batch of fake blood. The ketchup is the star ingredient, and can also be used on its own if you’re in a hurry.

With these many uses of ketchup, no wonder that it forms a superfood in our heads. As a daytime project or a cleaning spree, puck up that bottle and get saucy with it.

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