9 Irresistible DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

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Thanksgiving is very much incomplete without the special thanksgiving decor ranging from florals, thanksgiving wreaths, table arrangements, garlands, signs, pumpkins and a lot of other things.

It is the perfect time to bring the creativity of your mind in front of your guests. Instead of going for readymade decor items from the store, you can make some amazing showpieces and decor ideas at home with the stuff found around the house or getting some of it from the craft store. Blend different supplies together to transform your house for a lovely Thanksgiving. This is what the following ideas are about. Your loved ones will cherish them.

So have a look at the following DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas to set an amazing look for your home while discovering your creativity.

DIY wheat wreath


Found from Daisy Mae Belle

How beautifully has this wreath been made from wheat! A perfect example of a very simple thing being transformed into a beautiful decor item by applying the proper idea. Since the material used is wheat, it is actually very cheap to make. It does give us the thanksgiving impression and just requires a few minutes to make. So if you are looking for good decor with almost no time in hand, then you should definitely consider it. You need a straw wreath, 3 bundles of dried wheat and a burlap ribbon to make it. Check out how to make it at  Daisy Mae Belle.

Wheat railing decor


So here is a decor idea for the railings of the staircase. A pretty simple one using wheat! All you have to do is tie bunches of wheat to the railing at regular intervals or in the fashion as you like. You can use colorful ribbons, a netted colorful cloth of the Thanksgiving theme to make this thanksgiving railing decor more attractive.

Gold dipped feather garland

DIY gold tip feather garland

Found from Simple Stylings

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An amazing thanksgiving decor idea! This feather with the gold theme looks simple but elegant. You can get feathers at a very cheap price. So overall this decor idea costs very less and is easy to make. You just need to work your way with spray paint and a little glue work.

If you don’t have feathers or don’t wish to use them, you can use anything such as leaves, pinecones, twigs, etc. Learn to make it here.

Thanks’ giving pumpkins

Give Thanks Mantel

Found from A Diamond In The Stuff

Another ‘Thanks’giving decor idea for Thanksgiving using foam pumpkins (you can get them from the dollar store). Use these pumpkins to spell out the word ‘thanks’. These Thanksgiving pumpkins along with the pennant banner look so good making it a good frame using those two wooden frames. The wheat bundle kept in that cream pitcher does grace the entire arrangement making it a beautiful as well as budget decor for this Thanksgiving.

The thankful tree with chalk

The thankful tree with chalk

Found from Create Full Life

Make this beautiful thankful tree as a home decor for Thanksgiving and as a means of thanking God on your behalf. Although the list is unending for the number ways in which God has blessed us, we can write some of them at the wooden chalkboard tags hanging at the ends of branches.

The glass jar filled with nuts works as the vase for the branches with the nuts providing support to the branches along with themselves looking beautiful. You can make the wooden tags at home using wooden slices or get them from the market. Even though it is a special decor for Thanksgiving, I would love keeping it as a showpiece in my house the entire year.

Be Thankful wood sign


Found from I Heart Naptime

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Anything written on a beautifully decorated wooden piece looks amazing. And you can work out the written message ‘Be thankful’ on the board either freehand or using a silhouette with self-adhesive vinyl. The cute burlap lace banner finishes off the look. The burlaps are pennant shaped with strips of lace over them. Check out I Heart Naptime to know how to work out the entire process.  

DIY Indian corn wreath

Found from Stonegable Blog

This just looks amazing! Can you just imagine how wonderful this colorful wreath will look at the front of your house door! These multi-colored Indian corns are the souls of this wreath, which actually was just a straw wreath. That straw wreath now working as the base has been transformed into this beautiful wreath using the colorful corns. On top of that, it took just 30 minutes for the blogger at Stone Gable Blog to make it. You can store this wreath (just make sure to keep it away from mice) and use it for years.

Canning jar lid pumpkin

canning jar ring pumpkin

Found from Yellow Bliss Road

After seeing this, the first thing that came to my mind is ‘something different’. Yes, this pumpkin made entirely out of canning jar lids is a very different idea for me. This centerpiece is looking beautiful. The different shades of the lid rings tarnished gold and silver tones and worn out textures is actually enhancing it, also giving it a rustic look. It is very easy to make. You have to get a bunch of canning jar lids and simply string them together with the string being tied tightly. It will take just a few minutes. This pumpkin will not just grace your space, but it will also make the space smell amazing because of the cinnamon sticks stuffed in its center.

Pumpkin Topiary DIY Thanksgiving Decor Piece

Found from Improvements Catalog

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All you need is 3 pumpkins, wooden floral stakes, fresh flowers, glue, dried moss and some other decoration material to make this Thanksgiving special centerpiece. Check out the tutorial here.

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