How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell

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We do encounter different types of smells, some refreshing, some lip-smacking, and some horrendous. I mean, we are okay with the delicious smells from bakeries and that of fresh flowers.

But unless you’re an active smoker, you won’t appreciate the smell of tobacco. What if you find such smoke smells attached to your clothes or curtains? 

If you’re frustrated with the overpowering smoke smell in your guest room or in every room after a house party, we have the right plan of attack for you!

These easy ideas will help you get rid of that irritating and sometimes nauseating smoke smell that lingers in your interiors. Whether it’s soft furnishings, living room, or bedroom, with the right technique, you can win over anything.

We also have a few tips that would help you nullify the smoke smell without the controversial NO SMOKING sign! 

Ways To Getting Rid Of Smoke Smell From Home

1. Vinegar for Fabrics

Remember those mornings when your clothes smelled like smoke because you were dancing all night long at a house party or maybe a smoky bar? Similarly, if you were the host the night before, there are high chances that the smoke smell has attached itself to your pretty curtains and pillowcases, and god forbid the bedsheets! 

Well, your first step towards recovery would be to remove all the fabrics from the smoky room. You can remove the sofa covers as well. Pile up the fabrics and throw them in your washing machine. Add 2 cups of vinegar with your regular detergent to speed up the process. 

DON’T use high heat for the drying process since it can bring the smoke smell back. If you have a dryer, then use it, or else don’t hang them in direct sun. For bulkier and expensive items, it is better to take the help of a professional because you would never want to damage that pricey stuff, would you? 

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Lastly, don’t put them right back in the home unless it is fresh again. Store them in a bag and place them in an alternate location until they are free of the smoke odor! 

2. Clean Mirrors!

When it comes to getting rid of smoke odor from home, we often forget about glass materials and go straight to fabrics! Yes, fabrics do absorb smoke but glass objects like mirrors attract tar and soot which are responsible for the yucky smell of burnt objects.  

Make a mixture of vinegar and warm water and simply wipe off the surface (vinegar is an amazing cleaner). Once done, use clean water to rinse the surface for the final touch. You can also use glass and window cleaners to remove soot as it works efficiently. 

Pro Tip: Next time if you are the host, it is better to keep away all the glass objects or you can cover them up using fabric. Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t it? 

3. Vinegar on Walls

This might seem weird, but much like hot air, smoke rises as well and it gets stuck to the ceilings and walls. Whether it is tobacco or a candle, smoke does leave a residue on the walls. Though it is unlikely, smoke can also settle on the floors as well if there was a significant amount of it in the room. 

Use a mixture of 70% vinegar and water and apply it to the walls with a towel or rag. Wipe small areas at a time before you rinse your rag again. Fill the buckets with a very small amount every time because it gets dirty real soon.

Instead of a rag, you can also spray vinegar on the ceilings and walls and let it sit before rinsing the surface. 

It does sound a little difficult since we are talking about ceilings here, but if you concentrate on those areas where the smokers sat, it would be easier and your job will be done with much less effort. 

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4. Baking Soda and Carpets

If you have to deal with the smoke smell on bulky carpets and pieces of upholstery, we have baking soda for you! 

Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda on your mattresses and carpets. You can use colanders for even distribution over the surfaces. Continue the sprinkling until all the furniture fabrics, carpets and mattresses are buried under a thin layer of snow. 

You have to let it sit for at least 30 to 60 minutes to make it work. You can also gently rub it over the soft surfaces with socks on your feet for better results. 

Once done, vacuum up the carpets or use a roller brush for the same. If you still smell smoke, lightly mist it with a vinegar and water solution in a 2:1 ratio. So far, this is the easiest and undoubtedly the cheapest option to get rid of the odor! 

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5. Ozone Machines

Did you do all the necessary hard work, but didn’t get the desired results? Well, then it is time to buckle up and use ozone machines. They are magic equipment that can make the smoke go away in a matter of minutes. 

You can rent an ozone machine from any restoration company or preferably buy one if that is the case every weekend. The ozone molecules emitted by the machine are like bubbles that take away the odor as they pop. This is a good method when it comes to getting rid of the offensive odor from your home. 

Besides all the pros, you must be aware that ozone machines are not safe for humans and pets as well. You must use it in empty rooms and open the doors and windows as soon as the job is done. 

Buy an ozone machine.

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6. Fresheners and Purifiers

When it comes to freshening up our homes with a light fragrance, we mostly turn to air fresheners and they do the job well. Are they effective in getting rid of offensive odors? Well, the answer is no! Air fresheners can cover up the smell, but they cannot make us get rid of the odor effectively. 

In such scenarios, air purifiers might be a savior. They filter the unnecessary gas molecules present in the room and leave behind a fresh fragrance. So, if you want a temporary cover-up, go for air fresheners, but if you don’t want to face the smoky odor early morning, keep your air purifiers on throughout the night, avoiding the places where there is a significant amount of ash. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

All of us are familiar with this saying. We would advise you to be extra careful when it comes to preventing a smoky room. It would not only save you time but also a significant amount of effort. 

Instead of eliminating the smoke smell, do not let it accumulate in the first place. Clean ashtrays regularly and try to keep chain smokers at bay. If you are hosting a party, keep a smoking zone separately to prevent the overpowering smell. 

Do keep a few bowls of activated charcoal all around the house. The charcoal is capable of absorbing odors and therefore, it will also prevent smoke accumulation. 

Modern constructions have heavily insulated interiors that make the air in the rooms stagnant. Keep your apartment airy by opening the windows regularly. You can speed up the air circulation with a fan which would also help you get rid of the smoke smell. 

These few home cleaning hacks would help you get rid of the smoke and burning odor but it is always a good option if you could keep the smoke at bay instead of covering it up. Follow these steps to get an odor-free home in no time! 

Written by Pulkit D

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