How to Clean Your Popsocket

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While PopSockets are convenient and practical for everyday use, they are also quite prone to accumulating dust, dirt and scratches due to exposure to pretty much anything we or our phone gets in contact with.

Thankfully, cleaning a PopSocket is nearly as easy as installing them! If you’re looking to do this yourself, then we’ve outline the steps below on how you can clean your PopSocket at home.


How to Clean the PopGrip

Whether your Popsocket has become grimy or you’re planning to reuse it for another device, you need to clean the adhesive base to make it look and function like its brand new. To recap, PopGrip is the other half of the accessory that you stick to the surface of your device or case.

1. Detach the PopSocket

You might be apprehensive to remove the PopGrip thinking the adhesive will lose its stickiness forever. However, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, PopSockets are reusable because you can restore the stickiness of the grip’s adhesive.

To peel the PopGrip away from the surface of the phone or its hardcase, use your fingernails or a spudger to lift the attachment. If you’re struggling to make an initial gap, try using a dental floss to make space.

2. Rinse the PopSocket Base

If your PopSockets is no longer sticking or if the surface is riddled with debris or dust, then rinsing it will reactivate the adhesive gel. You can rinse it by preparing warm water on a shallow glass or dish, or you can just use the tap water from the sink.

After washing it, leave the side with the adhesive to air dry for 10 minutes. It’s important to take note of the time because leaving the gel exposed any longer, can cause it to dry out entirely.

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3. Remove the Sticky Gel Residue

If a gel residue gets stuck to your phone or case after removing the base, you can clean this up by simply adding rubbing alcohol to the area. Leave it there for a minute before wiping the surface with a clean cloth. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

4. Re-attach the PopSocket

Afterward, you can attach the accessory back to the same or perhaps a new device. For this instance, you will have to let the Popsocket sit for a few hours before using it again in order to achieve a stronghold.

How to Clean the PopTop

Cleaning the PopTop is a lot more straightforward. However, it’s best to clean it separately from the adhesive base since the gel can lose its stickiness if not reattached shortly after being cleaned. As a reminder, PopTop is the part you can easily twist and swap to stylize your PopSocket.

1. Prepare the PopTop for Cleaning

Remove the PopTop from the PopGrip in order to clean it separately. If you have stickers that you want to replace or remove, then proceed as needed. The stickers (if any) can be removed to free up the PopSocket’s original design.

2. Use Damp Cloth to Clean the PopTop

The PopTop is typically made of enamel or plastic (or stickers!) which are relatively easy to wipe clean with cloth or kitchen towel. If you don’t want to replace the stickers and are simply looking to clean dust and dirt on the surface, then use damp cloth to clean the surface. You may also use cotton swabs for hard to reach areas.

3. Rinse with Water or Soap Solution

If you decided to remove any decorative stickers, it could leave behind some sticky residue. In this case, you might as well clean the PopTop in full. You can rinse the top with water or a soapy solution and let it air dry. Do not use excessive water or harsh chemicals.

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For stubborn stains or gel residue, you can apply 70% rubbing alcohol on the surface and leave it there for a minute. Then, wipe the grime as you normally would. Alternatively, commercial wipes will work just fine against common dust and dirt buildup.

4. Reattach the PopTop

Finally, wipe the PopTop clean and dry before reattaching it to the base. You can use a dry cloth or paper towel to dab the surface and remove any wet spots.

How to Clean a MagSafe PopGrip

MagSafe PopGrips can be detached or moved around MagSafe cases an unlimited number of times through the magnetic technology of the latter. As such, removing and cleaning them regularly is a lot simpler, which is often just about wiping away dust and dirt with cloth.

The only possible downside of MagSafe PopGrips is that people have reported it to be not as steady or sticky than the adhesive ones.

Why PopSocket Maintenance Is Important?

PopSocket is an incredibly popular accessory for good reason. It’s versatile, stylish and as others would put it, adds personality to you and your devices. It’s also known for being durable. Although, constant exposure to elements, as with anything, puts them at risk of getting worn down.

Therefore, cleaning it every now and then is a must in order to keep it fresh and functional. In general, you can look out for increased dirt buildup on the surface as a sign for cleaning the PopTop. Meanwhile, immediately inspect the adhesive base or PopGrip as soon as you feel that the grip is becoming loose on contact. You can then choose to clean the grip and reactivate the adhesive gel, or maybe replace it with another adhesive.

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