How To Clean Faux Suede Couches

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Faux suede is readily being chosen as a vegan alternative to animal suede or leather. It has similar properties to animal leather—resistance to stains, dust, wear and tear, etc.—and it has significantly taken over the markets.

After all, who would not like to be tucked on a couch whose comfort pushes them to go home as soon as possible and binge on their favorite shows after a tiring day?

Though not a cumbersome task, cleaning your faux suedes can take up a pint of your weekend. Below are some tips and tricks for you to complete your weekend to-do list!


Things to Know Before You Start Cleaning

Even though they’re resistant to dust and stains, faux suede couches do get a little dirty due to spills, excessive dust, etc. over time.

Before you start with the cleaning process look for the tag on your couch and check the cleaning codes. The following are the codes generally present on the tags:

1. S – Only dry-cleaning methods are safe.

2. W – Water-based cleaners are safe.

3. S-W – Both dry-cleaning and water-based cleaners can be used.

4. X – Consult a professional cleaner.

Check for the tag and proceed accordingly.

Things Needed 

1. Spray bottle

2. Rubbing alcohol

3. Baking soda

4. Vinegar

5. Sponges

6. Brushes

7. Blow dryer

8. Dish soap

9. Vacuum cleaner

Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Clean Faux Suede Couch

Step 1- Vacuum Clean Your Couch

This is the first step in order to removing any excess dirt gathered in the fibers. This is a mandatory step if you have pets.

Step 2- Make the Cleansing Solution

For W type Couches

In the spray bottle, pour some warm water, add a few drops of mild soap or detergent, and a few drops of white vinegar.

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For S type Couches

In the spray bottle, pour rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) according to the requirement.

For W-S type Couches

Any of the cleansing solutions above can be used for this type.

Step 3- Rubbing the Stains (For DRY STAINS ONLY)

For dry stains, some of the dirt might be left stuck to the fabric even after vacuuming the couch. In that case, take a scrubbing brush and gently scrub off the excess dirt from the stain.

Now, you are ready for the main step!

Step 4- Start Cleaning!

After all the prep, it’s time for your cleansing solution to show its magic.

Spray the prepared solution on the stains. Be generous with the amount of solution you use, the target is to soak the stain completely. Spray at small sections at a time.

Now using a sponge or brush, gently rub the stain in order to get rid of it. Continue with the process until the stain wears off.

Step 5- Dry it OUT

Now that you are done with the biggest challenge i.e., the cleaning process, it’s time for the FINISHING TOUCH.

Using a blow dryer, dry out all the wet areas. If needed, use a clean cloth or towel to soak up leftover moisture.

Step 6- Remove the Odor

The cleansing agents often leave your furniture with an unpleasant and unwanted odor that has the capability to spoil anyone’s mood.

Relax…it’s not rocket science to get rid of this odor!

For the same, take some baking soda and cover the cleaned area with it. Let it sit for some time. Remove the excess soda using a vacuum cleaner.

The smell is as good as gone! Yippee!!!

How to Re-Buff Your Faux Suede Couch after Cleaning

Treating your couch with all these agents might make the fabric a bit hard and disgraceful.

The fibers usually bend down and stick to the surface after the cleaning process, taking away that soft and comfortable feel you love.

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So, re-buffing is the solution to all your problems. There are 2 simple ways of doing this:

1. Using a Brush

Take a scrubbing brush and comb the microfibres in their original direction of alignment. Continue this process till the fabric looks fresh and lively.

2. Using a Cloth

Take a dry cloth and rub it in firm circles all over the surface of the couch. This process might take some time but is equally effective.

There you go! Your couch is new again!!!

For Heavily Stained Suedes

There is some furniture with removable fabric covers. So, if you have heavy stains on your faux suede furniture covers, then don’t hesitate at all to throw the dirty pieces in a washer.

For washing using a washing machine, a cleansing solution comprising of ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of any cheap shampoo or mild soap can be used.

Wash the fabric on a mild cycle, air dry it completely, and then brush it to restore its look.


What is faux suede?

Faux suede is a vegan alternative of animal suede made by weaving polyester microfibre into thin, soft but extremely tough plastic fiber. This fiber is water repellent (not completely waterproof), can withstand extreme environmental conditions, and is very durable.

What’s the correct way to rub a faux suede couch?

Rub and scrubbing is the foremost process that is used in cleaning our suede. But, ARE YOU DOING IT CORRECTLY?

Using wet agents for cleaning can re-align or disturb the alignment of the fabric. If not done in the proper way, it might destroy the beauty of your beautiful furniture once and for all.

According to experts, there are 2 specific ways to move your scrub: circular motions and criss-cross motions. Both of these ways are equally effective.

How can I get rid of the bad smell from my faux suede couch?

You can use the baking soda method suggested above to get rid of any nasty smells. You call also spray a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water on the couch. Turn on the fan to speed up the drying process.

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If you detect a musty smell, then mold/mildew might be the reason.

1) First, vacuum the couch with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter.

2) Then, rub a solution made of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water on the mold/mildew spots using a soft cloth. The cloth shouldn’t be soaking wet, just damp.

3) After all this, let the couch air dry thoroughly to get rid of all moisture.

Professional cleaning services are always an option, but they are both non-economical and impractical when your furniture deals with stains and dirt on daily basis.

For these situations, a DIY cleaning session is a perfect solution! It’s the best match for light and basic stains that can be dealt with easily. Also, regularly vacuum cleaning your faux suedes keeps them fresh and graceful for a long time. 


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