How To Clean Crocs

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Whether you want to make a fashion statement at a party or just go to the local retail store to pick up everyday items, Crocs are a must.

We wear our ‘easiest to slip in’ footwear almost every day, and I must add how amazingly they go with everything. This in turn makes them dirty quickly, and sending your Crocs to get dry cleaned is not something everyone would want to do.

So why not clean Crocs at home, I mean, we really do need to make the “What are those…They are my Crocs” granny from Vine proud, don’t we (is this still a reference people get, or am I just too old)? Still, the question remains, 


How to Clean Crocs at Home?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I have just the right tips and tricks to make your extremely stylish footwear brand new and ready to rock.

So come on, get your cleaning apron on, and let’s make those Crocs haters see what they’re missing!

The Soap and Soak Method

This is probably the simplest and most reliable way to clean your Crocs.

1. Fill a bucket with cold water and mix gentle detergent or liquid dishwashing soap in it. 

2. Soak your Crocs in it for about 10-15 minutes. 

3. Then take a shoe polishing brush, toothbrush, or an old dusting brush and start brushing away. 

4. Focus more on the stained spots. If they still don’t disappear, you can pour some soap on the spots and scrub them. 

If your stains are still present, add a small amount of bleach into the bucket and soak them in it. Remember that doing this would make the color fade a little unless they’re white. Then repeat the same process. 

5. After this, take a clean, dry towel and wipe the excess water off. 

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6. Use an eraser to get rid of any remaining marks. Rub gently as it would otherwise leave marks. 

7. Leave it to air dry for about an hour (more if needed) and there you have it! Your Crocs are ready to use! 

Let’s go to some different types of Crocs because come on, Crocs are always going to be in fashion so a few different pairs never hurt!

1. Canvas Crocs

  • To clean this type, mix cold water with some mild soap, preferably one that foams up quickly, in a bowl. 
  • Pour some clean water on your Crocs, to begin with. 
  • Then use a toothbrush to take some soapy froth and scrub off the stains and any greasy marks on your Crocs. 
  • If the marks still won’t budge, use any laundry stain remover or a strong detergent directly on the spot and clean it with a brush. 
  • Use a cloth to dab away the excess water and leave it to dry. 

2. Fabric/Winter Lined Crocs

  • Winter is finally coming and there’s nothing better than a pair of soft, warm Crocs. Though these usually get smelly and dirty pretty quickly. 
  • Use a generous amount of baking soda (this will not stick to the insides unlike some other powder) to cover the lining. You can substitute this with corn-starch, dry oatmeal powder, salt, or any other absorbent powder. 
  • Then, keep your Crocs aside for about 3-4 hours. After this just dust out the extra powder. You can attach a cap with a nozzle to your vacuum cleaner and use that for better results. 
  • Make sure to brush your lining afterward to smoothen it down.
  • Then cover your lining with a mixture of water and mild soap/shampoo and scrub out the dirt. You can also send it to the dry cleaners for the same. 
  • Leave it to dry for about 2 days and there you have it, your Crocs are as good as new!
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Now that we are done with the cleaning, let’s move on to some other tips! 

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Crocs

  • Never put your Crocs in hot water. This can lead to the rubbery layer crumpling and coming off. 
  • Keep your Crocs away from the sun or too much heat. 
  • Never put them in the washing machine. 
  • Try spot cleaning as soon as they get dirty to make them last longer. 
  • Try to avoid washing your winter-lined Crocs as the sheepskin will not look or feel as it did before. 
  • You can use cleaners like Formula 409 to achieve a quick result. Spray it on your Crocs, clean with a sponge, and see it work its magic. 
  • You can apply Crocs shoe cleaner polish on them makes them look shiny and brand new. It’s a polisher made especially for your Crocs.
  • If your Crocs are made out of materials like suede or leather then be sure to know which products would be right for them. 

What Can I Do With My Old Crocs?

Don’t throw out your old Crocs! Instead, donate them to Soles4Souls, which is a non-profit organization. They accept all shoe types and sizes, even if they are gently worn out (do not donate shoes that are falling apart).

You can drop off your shoes at a nearby location or even ship them. They accept clothes too.

You’ll be changing someone’s life and saving the environment by donating to this organization.

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