How to Clean an Instant Pot

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If you’re someone who loves to cook or is even remotely interested in the concept of cooking, you must know the vitality of an instant pot (aka pressure multicooker) in the kitchen.

Want to boil eggs for your kid’s breakfast? Use your instant pot. How about some soup for lunch? Head over to your instant pot. Want to cook sizzling spaghetti for dinner? Instant pot to the rescue. The list will go on endlessly.

It’s pretty much impossible to survive a day without this amazing cookware. And it can’t survive without proper cleaning. We’re here to resolve this issue for you and help you organize your instant pot instantly! 

There are innumerous ways for your instant pot to get dirty. The spill and splatter of food, leftovers stuck in its parts to name a few. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have a proper management routine for it. 

Everyday Cleaning of Instant Pot

Cleaning your instant pot occasionally is definitely not a great idea, make sure you give it a clean-up after each use. I’m presenting you with an easy guide with some steps to carry out this day-to-day cleaning process.

1. Wipe off the Exteriors

We generally tend to move straight to cleaning the interiors of our instant pot. Don’t forget the exteriors are as important as the interiors. 

Grab whatever you have on hand—a soft rug or a microfiber cloth. Dampen it and rub it all over the surface to remove any food stain or grime. 

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2. Wash the Liner

The inner pot (or liner) made up of stainless steel is where the food is mainly kept on. Direct contact with all the flavors and seasoning makes it the most vulnerable to get dirty whenever you use it. 

Guess what? The liner is dishwasher safe thus it’s saving you some time and effort. However, you can also wash it manually with soap and water.

3. Wash the Lid

Please see to it that you’re not washing the lid under running water. For an everyday cleaning routine, you can simply wipe off the lid using a dampened cloth piece. Give it a wipe with a dry cloth as well to make sure it’s dried properly. 

4. Clean the Sealing Ring

The silicone sealing ring attached to the inside of the lid is another vital organ of your instant pot that needs to be done after each use. Again, it is dishwasher friendly so take it easy and just place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. 

How to Deep Clean Instant Pot

Every once in a while your instant pot needs to be tenderly taken care of. You must have known by now the context I’m referring to here, yes you got that right? It’s time for some deep cleaning! 

If you regularly cook in your instant pot, then apart from everyday cleaning you must deep clean it every few weeks too. Let’s jump on the steps to perform deep cleaning.

1. Unplug and Detach the Apparatus

First things first, switch off your instant pot and unplug it before you move on to further steps. This step is notable during everyday cleaning as well because you for sure don’t wish to be electrocuted (yes, it can be that bad). 

2. Clean the Exteriors and the Housing Unit

Remember, a dishwasher is a nemesis for the exteriors and the housing unit. So you will have to clean them with your lovely hands. 

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Take a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe off the exteriors and a brush to thoroughly remove any solid debris resting in the housing unit. 

3. Dismantle the Lid

In-depth decluttering of the lid is incomplete without dismantling it into parts like the steam release valve, the anti-block shield, and the condensation collector. 

Inspect all the minute parts carefully and look out for the clogging (if any) in the valves especially. Clean them up with soap and water and replace them once they’re completely dried.

You might have to put a little effort to pull out the anti-block shield, it mostly pops out of the lid and sometimes you might have to operate with the screws. 

4. Wash the Sealing Ring

Wash the rubber-like silicone sealing ring on the top rack of the dishwasher. Check the ring for cracks or deformation and replace it as soon as possible because it can cause major mishaps. 

You must also use different rings for sweet and savory dishes to avoid an unnecessary blend of flavors.

5. Wash the Liner

It’s time for the kingpin asset of your instant pot which is the liner or the inner pot. Its thorough cleaning is very necessary as this is where the food is basically cooked. 

It is observed that regular use of your instant pot for around 8 months can make the liner exhibit a bluish shade. If you notice any such thing in your instant pot, just take some white vinegar and scratch it off with a microfiber cloth. 

Never use anything sharp in this unit as it can tear off its luster. You can also use a bar keeper’s friend and a magic eraser to clean the stains. Both barkeeper’s friend (check out its uses) and magic erasers (check out its uses) are amazing cleaners and work like magic.

6. Reassemble the Accessories

Once you’re done with the whole cleaning part and all the parts are dried, reassemble the setup carefully. Watch out for the tiny parts and make sure you don’t lose them. 

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How to Remove Sealing Ring Odors

You must have noticed a pungent smell in the sealing ring and wondered what is it? Well, it’s nothing but the incessant accumulation of flavors that you use in your instant pot. 

The sealing ring is the only gateway for pressurized air to pass out and therefore it commonly catches the odor. You can easily deodorize this sealing ring using white vinegar as you know it’s quite a helping hand in cleanups

Fill the liner with a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar, and toss a few lemon peels into it. Set the pot on steam for about three solid minutes and let the magic happen. 

Remove the sealing ring and allow it to air dry. Finally, put it back in the lid and you’re good to go for your next delicacy. 

How Often to Clean an Instant Pot?

To be honest, the answer to this question is quite subjective and totally depends on the frequency of usage of your instant pot. If you’re using it daily, it’s obvious to wash it after every use otherwise the flavor will persist on its surface.

Besides, you must also follow up with the given deep cleaning schedule to ensure its efficiency and long life.

Its occasional use demands lesser efforts and maintenance. Whenever you wash your instant pot make sure you brush the rim as well using an old toothbrush. 

You know how degrading the seasoning substances can be for your instant pot (unless you’re not a philanthropist!). Take good care of it and you’ll have drool-worthy delicacies forever. 

Written by Pulkit D

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