How To Clean A Waffle Maker

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Show me someone who claims they don’t like waffles and I’ll show you a liar. Jokes aside, this breakfast dish tastes like heaven. I personally love waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with Nutella. Even you must have a go-to waffle recipe to enjoy on a lazy weekend morning.

But most of us never stop to think about the state of our waffle makers after we cook up a large batch of waffles. These amazing kitchen appliances need some attention too!

Cleaning a waffle maker needs to be done very carefully so as to not burn your hands while doing it. Here are some cool tips that will not only make your waffle appliance shine like it’s new but will also let you clean it like a pro.


Stop and Read the Manual

We all have different kinds of waffle makers and the first thing you need to do is follow the manual to learn how to clean it. I have a non-stick waffle maker with non-removable plates. If you have the same kind, let’s do it together. 

How to Clean the Plates like a Pro:

1. Before cleaning the waffle maker, make sure you have switched off the plug and have allowed it to cool. Do not be lazy and keep the cleaning for later. This might create difficulty as the batter will stick to the surface of the machine. Start cleaning it immediately after it cools down.

2.  Now that your waffle plates have cooled down, clean the grids using a damp cloth or tissue paper to remove the excess oil on the surface.

3. Once the oil is wiped off, use a soft-bristled brush and clean the waffle crumbs that are stuck on the plates. Rub gently as you do not want to rip off its beauty.

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4. Now dip a cloth in lukewarm water and rub the outside area of the machine. By now your machine should look somewhat decent.

I know it’s frustrating but trust me, we are almost there. Do not give up yet.

5. Time to soap wash the plates (do this only if it’s written in the manual that you can use soap). Use the soapy rag to wipe the inside area of the iron. This will remove the greasiness of the plates. Don’t forget to wipe away the soap with a wet rag.

6. If there is burnt food or stubborn oil remaining on the surface, make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and let it sit on the affected area for a few hours. The paste will pull off the burnt food and the oil from the surface which you can later wipe off with a wet rag.

Use a toothpick to deeply clean the cracks within the machine. Finally, dry it up by cleaning it with a dry tissue. And you are done. Phew! 

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Ohh, wait the plates are too greasy? I have a solution for people struggling with greasy removable plates too. 

1. First and foremost, let the waffle maker cool down and unplug the socket from the switch.

2. Now remove the plates carefully by following the manufacturer’s instruction guide. Don’t worry, it will not be that difficult.

3. Now soak the plates in warm soapy water for a while. This will remove the excess oil and greasiness stuck on the plates.

4. Now clean the plates with a sponge or brush gently if you are working on a non-stick surface. Use a toothpick or brush to reach the crevices for cleaning.

5. Wash the plates with warm water and wait till they’re dry. Clean them with a dry cloth before reusing them so that rust doesn’t build up.

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6. Now clean the outside of the iron with a wet cloth and be careful with the electrical part of the iron as you do not want to get an electric shock. Make doubly sure that you do not switch on the plug while cleaning and yes, you are done. 

Waffle Maker Maintenance Tips

1. Never clean a waffle maker if it’s still hot. Patience is the key. Let it cool down completely.

2. Read the manual again and again to get a clear idea of cleaning the waffle maker or visit their website or watch videos on youtube to get a clear vision of how it needs to be done.

3. Do not use oil sprays as they will be built up and later will become difficult to clean. It’s better to use cooking oil while making waffles.

4. Never immerse the electric waffle maker into water. Instead, wipe it carefully using a damp cloth.

5. Don’t use sharp metals to prick the dirt on the plates as it might damage the nonstick coating itself and will create a hurdle for future use which means No More Waffles.

6. To prevent the waffles from sticking to the plates, use an adequate amount of oil or butter so that it comes out smooth and crisp.

7. Do not use soap water unless it’s recommended in the user guide. Soap water may or may not be harmful to the non-stick plates.

Now you have learned how to clean a waffle maker without going through a lot of pain. I know it can be a bit frustrating to clean a dirty waffle maker when the residue does not seem to come off. But don’t worry, regular cleaning will solve this problem of yours.

So go, get up from your couch, clean the waffle irons quickly and make a waffle for yourself and your family and enjoy!

Written by Pulkit D

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