How to Clean a Toaster 

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Did you know your “freshly” toasted bread might contain bits of plastic and carcinogenic crumbs

We may use our toasters every day but we almost always forget to clean it, and over timepieces of plastic, crumbs and what not build up in them. Our uncleaned ovens can actually change the taste of the toast and can have serious health implications, and also be an eyesore in the otherwise neat and tidy kitchens.

Cleaning these perky little machines is actually very easy; it takes less than 15 minutes and requires stuff already in your kitchens. 

Things You Will Need To Clean a Toaster

  • Any ordinary dishwashing detergent
  • Some paper(not a printed paper)
  • Lemons 
  • A toothbrush( any brush small enough to fit inside will work)
  • A sponge
  • Vinegar or Nail Polish remover
  • A newspaper(or a mat)

Even if you haven’t got some of the materials there is always an alternative. 

Before you begin…

  • Firstly disconnect your toaster from the power supply, also make sure any other connections or mechanisms are not active(such as the spring load). 
  • Do not clean your toaster right after you have used it, as it might still be hot.
  • Use only gentle detergents while cleaning the insides of the toaster.
  • Use water sparingly during the whole process as you wouldn’t want the water short-circuiting the electronics or corroding the metal inside. 
  • Only remove the parts which are meant to be removed, don’t let the inner technician in you take out any other parts damaging the appliance (believe me been there done that!) 
  • And lastly, be gentle with your toaster!

Let’s Start Cleaning the Toaster

1. Find a clear large enough space, near the sink to clean the toaster; and place a newspaper under. 

2. Remove the crumb tray and any other removable objects, some toasters might not have a crumb tray but don’t worry we can still clean your toaster. Wash the crumb tray thoroughly and other pieces with a detergent and sponge, wipe them clean and let them dry. 

3. After you have cleaned the removable parts, begin cleaning the toaster by turning it upside down, the loose crumbs would fall off. To get to the more lodged in parts you will need a brush to get them off; brush through all the interior of the toaster and carefully remove bits from the difficult places. After the inside is brushed well, turn the toaster upside down and pat on it to let the dirt fall off. 

4. Take the paper and roll it on the back of the toothbrush. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it on the paper roll and put it inside the toaster. Gently twist and turn the paper, make sure it gets to all the places. Use another clean paper roll and repeat the twisting and turning. The lemon will clean the more sticky and greasy dirt inside. 

5. With the inside properly cleaned, now begin cleaning the exterior, use the sponge to give it a rough clean with water. Then use the detergent to get a more thorough cleansing. Certain spots such as melted plastic would require a nail polish remover to be cleaned (use the paper instead of a sponge while doing this). 

6. Check you toaster once again for any dirt or grease, if you are satisfied with the cleaning, let the toaster dry on its own and do not turn it on until it has completely dried up.

7. Once the toaster has dried, turn it on and heat it at the lowest setting, this would help you get rid of any bacteria inside the toaster. And your toaster is as clean as a new one!

After reading this guide on cleaning your toaster I’m sure you will be a tad more interested in cleaning it more often.

It is generally said that one must clean their toaster weekly if you’re using it daily but if you find that too cumbersome then try cleaning it every month (if you’re still finding it cumbersome then at least clean the crumb tray and turn it over every month and you’re good to go).

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