How To Clean A Microfiber Couch

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A microfiber couch looks attractive, feels comfortable and it’s perfect for those with kids and pets as it is water-resistant, so if you spill something you can wipe it immediately. Though some people claim microfiber couches are stain resistant, they are actually not.

Even I own a microfiber couch and I totally understand that it’s tough to remove stains from it. On top of that, you have a light colored couch, the stains make your couch look like a crime scene.

Many people tend to avoid cleaning a microfiber couch thinking that it will spoil the fabric but if you follow the instructions properly cleaning microfiber can restore your fabric to look brand new.

The first thing you should do is read the furniture tag attached by the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

There are generally four codes to indicate what we can use to clean the fabric without harming it. if its written w it means, you can clean it with water, s means you should use a solvent, W – S code is you can use either a solvent or water, x is for vacuum ONLY.

If there is no tag or its unclear do not assume that you can clean it with water. use solution or vacuum just to be on a safer side.

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As microfiber couches are soft and look attractive they do require maintenance. If you have a light colored microfiber couch you need to take extra care of the fabric.

8 Easy Ways to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Here are 8 easy methods that will help you maintain your microfiber couch and remove stains quickly without damaging the color or texture of the fabric.

1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

On some couches, you can’t use water or solvent. The only way is to vacuum clean it. Don’t set your vacuum at high speed as that can harm the texture.

You should vacuum your couch once a week to get rid of dust crumbs and pet hair as they can harm the fabric. Use a small brush to loosen dirt stain or debris.

2. Alcohol

cleaning microfiber couch with alcohol

Using alcohol is a very popular method to remove stains from a microfiber couch. I have tried using it to clean a stubborn coffee stain and it worked miracles on it. You should use clear alcohol such as vodka.

Fill alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it well on the spot and rub it with a clean cloth you’ll see the stain come off. Use a hairdryer to dry the spot and brush the area to make it look like new.

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3. Use Water and Baking Soda

Mix water and baking soda in a bowl such that it forms a thick paste. Apply it on the stain, wait for a few minutes, and then rub it with a clean and dry towel. Then you can wipe the stain.

If you feel that the texture has changed, use a dry brush and brush the area to get the original texture back.

PRO TIP: Do not rub fresh spills or you will press deeper into the fiber.

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4. Clean with Dawn Dish Wash Soap 

Apply a small amount on the stain and dab it with a sponge. Keep it for approx a minute and then rinse the stained area with lukewarm water till the stain is removed.

Then the air dries the area to get the smooth and soft texture back. If you don’t have Dawn dish wash soap you can use WD-40.

PRO TIP: Do check the label for knowing if you can use water to clean the couch or not.

5. Use Baby Wipes 

Baby wipes have a nice self-contained solution which you just need to wipe the stain. Using baby wipes is a very clean method to remove stains from the couch.

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Baby wipes are cheap and easily available at stores and easy to use for removing the stain.

6. Apply Vinegar

Before using this method you should cheque the label if “s-w” or “s” is mentioned on it; only then use this method.

Fill a clean spray bottle with water and add 3 to 4 drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use powder detergent. Add a cup of white vinegar and 2 to 3 spoons of baking soda in the solution. Mix the solution well to make it thin. Apply the solution on the spot then blot the sofa to remove the stain. Use a hairdryer to dry the surface.

PRO TIP: Try the solution on an inconspicuous area of the couch before using on the visible area.

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7. Wash 

If your sofa covers are removable and “W” is mentioned on the tag you can just simply wash the covers with warm water and air dry it or dry clean them to clean the mess.

If you feel that the fabric is tough after drying, it might be because of the fibers getting tangled during the wash to fix this you can run a dry fine tooth comb or a dry sponge to get back its soft state.

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8. Water and Salt Solution 

This method is quite easy and the things required are available in almost all households. you can remove tuff stains of coffee or wine you just need to mix salt in warm water see if the salt is dissolved in water then pour the solution on the stain and rub it with a rug in small concentric circles you’ll see the stain getting light.

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1. Always treat the stain immediately.

2. Before applying any solution to the stain you should try it on a small area to be sure that the fabric does not get spoilt. With the help of the above methods, you can remove almost any stain from the couch comfortably.

Now you can drop the rule of no pets on the couch and enjoy your favorite Netflix shows sitting on your couch with your feet up and have gravy snacks without worrying about staining your comfortable microfiber couch.

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