How To Clean A Fidget Spinner

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Remember those cool little spinning toys that almost every kid had back in 2017? I’m pretty sure you remember that phase, but did you know that they were invented around 1993?! Oh, and that they’re still used today? Yes, you heard it right!

People of all age groups, not only kids, use fidget spinners for various purposes like therapy. Some health professionals claim that these fidget spinners are extremely helpful when dealing with PTSD, ADHD, or even anxiety disorders.

This is mainly because fidgeting helps you get rid of destructive thoughts. But come on, enough with the science talk. Now that you know those fidget spinners are a very valuable item, you must maintain them well. 

So here I have some amazing tips and tricks to help you take better care, clean, and preserve your tiny stress relief toys. So bring your game on and let’s start spinning…cleaning, I mean. 


How to Clean a Fidget Spinner

1. Take the center caps off your fidget spinner by twisting them. They usually come off easily when pulled, but if not, then take either a flat screwdriver or any debit/credit card (be sure not to break that one). 

2. If your spinner has a metal cap or bearing shield, take that out and turn it over to get the bearing off. You can use a flat screwdriver again. 

3. Mix lukewarm/hot water with some dishwashing soap in a bowl till it becomes foamy and forms suds. 

4. Wash your spinner under a hot clean tap to remove any grease, gunk, or small particles that may be stuck in it. 

5. You can either wash the center bearings with this solution or take 3-4 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Use a toothbrush/earbud depending on the dirt and grease. 

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6. Take the soapy froth and rub it over your fidget spinner. You can also scrub it gently with a toothbrush to get rid of any unwanted grease. 

7. Now comes the fun part. Start spinning it for about a minute while the soap suds are still present. Spin in opposite directions for it to clean itself faster. Get rid of all the debris stuck in it this way.

8. Run it under warm/hot water. Spin it while doing so, for about 30 seconds to rid it of the soap. 

9. Now just pat dry it with a cloth towel (preferably a micro-fiber one as it is lint-free). Avoid the bearings while doing so. 

10. Use a hairdryer to dry it. 

This technique can be used for any metal fidget spinner. But use only isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol instead of warm water when working with a plastic spinner. 

A Few Tips to Remember

  • You can use isopropyl alcohol or even rubbing alcohol (present in nail polish remover) to sanitize your spinner to get rid of bacteria. Pour it on a small cotton pad and gently rub your fidget spinner. 
  • A can of compressed air can also be used to dry your fidget spinner instead of a hairdryer. The propellant has moisture so I suggest going for a hairdryer especially because it is more easily available. The propellant is dangerous and should be used carefully.
  • Avoid adding any lubricants or oils to get rid of the noise. This may lead to your fidget spinner becoming a lot slower, which honestly isn’t fun. Although if you really need to make it quieter, then add only a drop of any lightweight oil or thin lubricant. 
  • Never add oil to make your fidget spinner spin quicker. This only makes it greasy which attracts more dirt and debris. On the other hand, clean it once in a while, following the above steps, and it will become faster than you are while exiting a zoom meeting! 
  • Dry the spinners’ bearings along with the balls properly before putting them back. 
  • Never dry the bearings with a towel or rag. The lint and fuzz would stick to it making it slower. Always use a hairdryer for the same. 
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How Can You Put the Balls Back into the Bearings?

1. Lay the inner and outer bearing rings on a table, separately. 

2. Take the outer besting and fill it with the balls (usually 4-7). 

3. Use a tweezer to put the inner bearing back in the center so that the balls are now between the two. 

4. Use the same tweezer to gently place the balls in a circle formation leaving a little gap in the middle. 

5. Proceed to seal it with the metal cap. 

6. Do this on a foam sheet or any lint-free surface that wouldn’t make the balls slide.

How to Clean Rust from Fidget Spinner?

You will need vinegar, rubbing alcohol (with the highest alcohol content), a small screwdriver to pull out finger and dust covers, an old toothbrush, and a hairdryer.

1. Remove the finger covers and dust covers gently with the screwdriver.

2. Pour vinegar into a bowl and let the spinner sit in it for a few minutes. Then, scrub it with an old toothbrush.

3. Now taking the rubbing alcohol in another container, put the spinner in it for a few minutes again, and then scrub off remaining rust particles. Keep cleaning until you can spin it quickly.

4. Use a hairdryer to dry it completely and put the finger covers and dust covers back on.

You finally know everything there is to know about these addictive little fidget spinners so just don’t forget to keep calm and fidget on. Go give yours a whirl…but hey, not before you clean it. 

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