3 Easy Gutter Cleaning Hacks: How To Clean Gutter

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White is the color of calm, soothe, and has a rich vibe to it. The white ceiling and the white gutter lines perfectly complement the vibrant walls and roof of the home. But it can ruin the whole exterior appearance of your house if the white gutter gets stained. And it’s inevitable for them to get dirty and clingy if you don’t clean them up regularly.

The gutters collect a lot of leaves and debris over time. The wind brings with a lot of dirt and you might see disgusting black streaks on the outside. Apart from ruining the appearance, they can also clog water clogging. So it’s no use procrastinating and delaying the cleaning process. Moreover, we have discussed an effortless yet effective cleanup process.

And if your gutter needs a cleanup, we have more good news for you. You don’t need to buy expensive and sometimes ineffective gutter cleaning agents from the market. We have listed a range of homemade remedies you’ll already have in your home. So, let’s bring the brush, ladder, and start the cleaning process.

How To Clean Stained White Gutters

You need to clean your white gutter a few times a year to keep it looking well-maintained. You’ll need a ladder, a water hose, a scrub brush, and a water hose for proper cleaning. An all-purpose cleaner along with some bleach Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1:

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Wear the rubber gloves and climb up the ladder to the gutter. Begin by removing the fallen leaves and debris. Use a small towel to scrap out the thick trash.

Step 2:

After scraping out the solid residue, use the water hose to push out the dust and dirt. You’ll be able to see the stains clearly after this. If you have any plants under the gutter, cover them up with a tarpaulin or plastic wrap to protect them from the harmful cleaners.

Step 3:

Now apply the all-purpose cleaner directly on the stains. Scrub the stains with a scrub brush. Reapply the cleaner and scrub vigorously to remove stubborn stains. 

For thicker stains, you can make a strong solution by mixing 1-quart water, 1 teaspoon dish soap with a cup of bleach. Dip the brush well into the solution and scrub thoroughly. It is also effective in killing any molds growing on your gutter.

Homemade Gutter Cleaning Solutions

If your all-purpose cleaner bottle is finished or you don’t want to risk your money on ineffective cleaners, you can try these highly effective homemade gutter cleaners. Yes, that’s really a thing. You’ll be able to find these products easily in your home and they can quickly remove the dusting grime and stains.

1. Using TSP-PF to Clean Gutter

If you can’t find your all-purpose cleaner in the kitchen, look for a phosphate-free cleaner in your garage. It is the one you use to clean your decks and siding. It would be labeled TSP-PF. Apart from cleaning the decks, it rarely comes to use so most people have it. Why not bring it into cleaning something more disgusting?

TSP-PF stands for trisodium phosphate-phosphate free. Well, it looks redundant to spell out. But what matters is that it has the powerful cleaning and degreasing abilities of trisodium phosphate without the environmental hazards that come with phosphate.

You would also need some bleach and hot water to make this method effective. Mix a quart of fresh bleach and a quart of hot water with a cup of TSP-PF. You can pour the solution in the interiors of the gutter to dissolve the stains. Use the scrub brush to scrap the exteriors after applying the solution.

2. Cream of Tartar

Spices surely make the food alive. You can just change the flavor of any food through a change in the combination of spices. But you can’t have ever thought that your spice rack could have a cleaning agent for your gutter. Surprise everyone in your house by using the cream of tartar to make the gutter sparkling again.

Also called potassium hydrogen tartrate, cream of tartar has strong cleansing properties. Mix the cream of tartar with a little water to make a paste. Use a brush to apply it on the outsides of your gutter. Use a water hose to rinse off the paste along with the greasy stains. Apply more paste and more pressure from the hose if some stains are still sticking.

3. White Vinegar

The magic cleaning solution. White Vinegar should surely be termed as the homemade all-purpose cleaner. White vinegar can dissolve the toughest of stains on utensils, help descale coffee makers and even clean up the gutter! 

Mix acetic acid with lukewarm water. The solution is more effective in cleaning up the interiors of the gutter than the exterior. Enclose the gutter by capping it and plug the openings. You need to let the vinegar sit for half an hour. Pour the solution in the gutter and wait.

Once you drain the solvent, you’ll see most of the sticky, greasy dirt is gone. If some dirt is still left, you can now remove it easily with the scrub brush or even the garden towel. It basically breaks or weakens the bond of the dirt which makes it an effective cleaning agent.

Cleaning up Vinyl gutters

If you have vinyl gutters instead of the regular aluminum ones, the above solutions may not work for it. Make a customized gutter solution by mixing dawn liquid detergent with half a cup of bleach and 2 gallons of warm water. 

Apply the solution on the interior and exteriors. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then use a scrub brush to scrub the exterior. Rinse both the sides with a water hose to reveal sparkling white gutter.

Having clean gutters is not just for the appearance of your home from outside but also protects your house from rain damage. It helps avoid clogging and blockages which can cause serious damage to your walls in terms of leakage. With a little bit of effort and some homemade cleaning agents, you now know the easy way to maintain clean gutters.

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