16 Genius Home Hacks That Will Make Life Easy

DIY life hacks

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Until now you must have been using things for the actual purpose they were made for. What if I told you that most of them can also be used for a variety of different purposes in your day-to-day life, that is, they can be multipurpose?

From using an egg tray as a gadget holder to toasting a sandwich using an iron, I have listed many life hacks here which you might have or might not have even heard of. These hacks will help you ease your life, save money by utilizing things more efficiently, and at last change the way you use things.

So have a look at these genius DIY life hacks which will prove useful to you at some point in time.

1. Egg Tray Gadget Holder

Egg Tray Holder

You can use an empty egg tray as an iPad holder. No more laying it flat on the surface and straining your eyes!


If you need to cool your laptop but don’t want to splurge on a cooling pad, you can use an egg tray as a laptop cooling pad. Just flip some empty trays over and you get plenty of airflows. It’s not the prettiest thing but gets the job done and also saves money.

So isn’t this one of the amazing life hacks?

2. Egg Tray Stand for Refrigerator

egg tray stand

Well, egg trays make good stands in the refrigerator as you can see in the image above. Keeping your condiment bottles upside down also ensures that you don’t have to struggle to get the product out of the bottle—it will already be accumulated near the opening.

3. Egg Tray Bird Feeder

bird feeder

This DIY idea is perfect for a frugal bird lover. You can use any egg tray to make a bird feeder and attract nearby birds. Plus it’s easy to set up and FREE.

You just need to attach strings on all four sides of the tray, sprinkle some seeds and tie it to a tree branch, you are all set.

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4. Use a Coin as a Screwdriver

No screwdriver on hand? No worries, just take out a penny and use it as a screwdriver to tighten a screw or unscrew.

5. Check Tire Treading Using a Coin

tyre tread checking

Stick a small coin into the main tread grooves of your tire. If you cannot see the outer band, your tread is fine. If you can see the outer band, it’s better to visit a qualified mechanic and get them checked as they may be unsafe and illegal.

6. Lower Water Bills

Flushing consumes the most water in a household. Putting a brick in the flush tank displaces water in the tank, thereby leading to lower water usage each time you flush. It saves up to half a gallon of water per flush. Who would have thought?!

7. Use Tape to Drill Perfect Hole


Ever had trouble drilling a hole of the correct length? No more! Just use tape as an indicator of correct length by sticking it to the drill.

8. Duct Tape to Open Tough Jar Lids

duct tape jar opening
Via Instructables

Most of us have faced difficulty in opening jar lids one time or the other. Well, reach out to duct tape in such situations, you can easily open stuck jar lids using duct tape.

9. Laminate at Home

laminate at home

You don’t need fancy laminating machines or spend a lot of money on lamination to give your paperwork a glossy, professional finish. You can easily laminate almost anything just using a laminating pouch and iron. How?

  • Place the item you want to laminate in a lamination pouch.
  • Grab a thin cotton towel and place it on the pouch.
  • Turn the iron to the highest setting, usually “Cotton” or “Linen”.
  • Press firmly with an iron over the area covered by the pouch for 30 seconds.
  • Let it cool, viola! Lamination is done.
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10. Toast Sandwich Using Iron

Toast sandwich using iron

Craving a toasted sandwich but don’t have a sandwich toaster or it’s broken? Worry not, you can use your iron to make yourself a crispy toasted sandwich. Let’s see how:

  • Make a normal sandwich as per your desire.
  • Take an aluminum foil and wrap it around the sandwich. Make sure you don’t wrap too tight as the foil could tear.
  • Turn the iron to its highest setting, usually “linen” or “cotton”.
  • Let the iron sit over the foil for 1 minute and peek inside to see if the sandwich is toasted. Usually, it takes a minute or two to toast one side, but it depends on how hot your iron is and how much filling is in your sandwich.
  • Once the first side is done, flip over and repeat the same to toast the second side.
  • Be careful while flipping and opening as the aluminum foil will get very hot.
  • Once done, cut your sandwich and enjoy.

Note: It does not harm your iron. You can also wrap cloth above aluminum foil to prevent any minor scratch on your iron, but this will significantly increase the time taken to toast.

11. Make Stickers Stick

It happens that after some time, some stickers start to peel off. You can tape them down but a lot of times taping ruins the look of stickers. Any solution? Yes, don’t tape them down instead iron them.

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Put a piece of aluminum foil over the sticker and iron the spot where it’s peeling off. The heat from the iron will reactivate the glue on the back of the sticker and get it to stick to the surface.

12. Remove Stubborn Stickers

If you want to remove stickers from your furniture, windows, etc., you can easily remove them using a hairdryer. It requires a little patience though. Hold your hairdryer over the sticker for 30 seconds on high heat mode. After 30 seconds of direct heat, check a corner to see if it peels away. If not, continue for another 30 seconds and then peel the sticker.

It works the same way as ironing, it reactivates the glue on the back of the sticker due to heating.

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13. Loosen Tight Screws

I often come across screws that won’t budge with manual screwdrivers no matter how much force I apply. If you ever come across such a scenario, just reach out for your hairdryer and blast some hot air on the screw for a few seconds and it will easily come out. This happens because metal reacts with heating and cooling.

Alternatively, you can also spray some WD-40 on it. A lot of times simple spraying with WD-40 solves this problem. In case you have run out of WD-40, you can have it delivered to your doorstep from Amazon.

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Check out these amazing WD 40 hacks that will solve a lot of problems.

14. Wrinkle-free Clothes Without Iron

Yes, you can remove wrinkles from clothes without ironing them. You just need a hairdryer & cloth hanger and you can iron your clothes anywhere. Let’s see how

  • Hang the cloth you want to remove wrinkles from on a cloth hanger.
  • Spray some water on the wrinkles.
  • Turn the hairdryer on high heat and blow-dry from an inch on wrinkles. You will start to see wrinkles disappearing in moments.
  • Use a good-quality and high-heating hairdryer for best results as the stronger the hairdryer, the more anti-wrinkling power it has.

15. Clean Wooden Surface Naturally

Wooden surfaces and furniture look beautiful and premium. Unfortunately, using chemical cleaners wears them down faster, making them look old and damaged. However, you can easily clean them naturally without using harsh chemicals and money. Let’s see how:

  • Put a bag of black tea in some hot water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the surface with tea water using the cotton cloth.
  • Tea will clean the wooden surface and make it shiny.

16. Natural Shoe Deodorizer

shoe deodorizer with tea bags

Shoes tend to smell weird especially during the rainy season. Though they don’t stink, I like having shoes that smell fresh. Teabags are a great natural and homemade deodorizer for your shoes. The best part about them is you can pick any scent (actually flavor) of the teabag that you like.

  • Grab 2-3 teabags and put them in each shoe.
  • Let the shoes sit in a dry environment for 12-24 hours.
  • Done! Now your shoes smell amazing.
  • You can even set them for more days if you want them to smell more flavorful and tea-like.
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Aren’t these DIY life hacks amazingly genius? Have you tried these hacks and found them useful? If you like these hacks, do share the post!

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