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31 Best Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas and Designs

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The words “Farmhouse Fall Decor” brings with it a sense of nostalgia, pumpkin spice, overloaded pecan pies, and joy and laughter of the holidays. There’s something rustic and homely about farmhouse style decor that makes it appealing.

Bring warmth and comfort into your home with a few ideas and a bit of creativity. You don’t have to break the bank to style your house in a refreshing manner, just have an open mind. Your house will look Martha Stewart worthy in no time! Read on to find the different ways you can transform your home using farmhouse style decor during the fall!


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1. Cutlery and Cornucopia

Image Credit: Hymnsandverses

Fall decor, in general, comes in warm shades of cream, brownish-red, gold and a mix of vibrant autumn colors. Spruce up your dining table with a huge cornucopia in the center, spilling out with treats of your choice, fake leaves, or anything aesthetically pleasing to you!

Pair this huge cornucopia with cutlery, plates, and glasses of alternate shades of cream and gold. Although it may sound pretentious, the overall effect is very pleasing and definitely worth it!

2. Pumpkin Basket

Credit: thedowntownaly via Instagram

One thing you’re gonna have to get used to, or may already love, is an excess amount of pumpkins around the house! Farmhouse style, especially in the fall includes a ton of fakes autumn leaves and pumpkins placed in various angles to be visually pleasing. So it’s no surprise that hanging a small basket of white pumpkins will brighten up the room in an instant! Hang it in the living room, near the door, or where ever you find a specific room to be a bit dull. 

3. Front Hall Decor

Credit: Stone Gable

The first thing that people see as soon as they step inside your home is your front hall. The prettier and more creative it looks the more compliments you’ll get. And we all absolutely love getting compliments about our homes, isn’t that right moms?

And of course, it’s well deserved after putting a bit of effort to make the hall look good! Add a small table underneath an ornate mirror, and place a harvest basket on top of the table. And you’re done!

4. Pumpkin Overload

Credit: theothersideofneutral

Honestly, this is my favorite decor idea because it requires minimum effort and looks wonderful at the same time! Simply place pumpkins of different sizes or the same size on your steps. Either alternate the side you place the pumpkin, or put them all on the same side. Whichever makes it look more homely, not Instagram worthy! Put a small lamp next to each pumpkin or alternately next to each one to really bring the fall vibe full circle.

5. Decorating the table

Credit: Craftberrybush

Continuing the pumpkin theme, use a pretty wooden basket on the table and fill it with a pumpkin and a small vase of harvest flowers. Whether you place this basket on the coffee table or the dining table, it’ll definitely give off a rustic, warm vibe. If you use this basket on the coffee table, make sure you pair the blankets on the couch to match the basket. Choose muted, dark blue tones, or keep it light and playful with cream and golds.

6. Cushy pillow

Credit: Tarynwhiteaker

Do you have a party in a couple of hours but you seem depleted of decoration ideas? Not to worry! Place little bins and fit throw pillows in each one, with a pumpkin of course! These little bins can be placed in your bedroom, hallway, or where ever else you like! Fill the bin to the top with fake leaves or fake grass or any bits of “plant” that you can find.

7. Fabric Pumpkins

Credit: Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

After buying many pumpkins and filling up your house, you’re probably regretting it. The pumpkins eventually start to dry up, and now you have a pile of dry, dead pumpkins. Not convenient is it? The solution? Make a fake one! Follow this easy tutorial on making fabric pumpkins. This time when fall rolls around, you’ll just have to pull these fabric ones out of storage! Cute and creative!

8. Meaningful boards

Credit: Tarynwhiteaker

Buy a few boards with meaningful words like “give” or “laugh and love” or anything with a special quotation on it. You can place these boards all around the house, and even on the porch! These boards, along with a basket and throw pillow make the mantle seem lively even without a blazing fire in the fireplace. These boards, though containing simple words have meaning. The cream color and bold lettering of the words make the boards pop, drawing attention to it.

9. Mason Jar Fall theme

Credit: Sincerely Jean

I’m pretty sure every household has mason jars. Too many in fact! Put them to use by painting them white or a fall-themed color. Put some lime hydrangeas or harvest stalks in the jars, and place them literally anywhere in the house. If that doesn’t scream fall, then I don’t know what else does! Inexpensive and easy, but looks like you put in a lot of effort!

10. Pumpkin Vase

Credit: U-createcrafts

Why use a normal flower vase, when you can make a pumpkin a vase? Seriously! Cut a hole in the artificial pumpkin, and place a block of foam inside. Stick a variety of flowers in the foam and boom! A DIY pumpkin vase. Follow this simple tutorial to find out exactly how to make this awesomely killer vase.

11. Layers and Textures

Credit: houseofhargrove

Using many layers and different textures in a room or all over the house gives it a chic and clean farmhouse look. Use a rope wreath and hang it on the door, adding a ribbon or a wreath depending on the season. It adds the X factor to the wreath, and builds character of the room. Add a rustic wooden frame on the side with a favorite family picture of yours to spruce up the room.

12. Chalkboard decoration

Credit: Lollyjane

For the quickest decoration scheme in the history of Pinterest, throw up a small chalkboard in the hall above the small table you can’t seem to get rid of. Write an inspirational quote or a “feel good” quote about Thanksgiving, family, or love. Literally anything. It’s gonna look cute and well thought out either way!

13. Porch Decoration

Credit: Lizmarieblog

The porch is what welcomes us and our guest into a warm, peaceful home. It kinda decides the vibe of the rest of the day or night. If it’s cluttered and dusty, your house may seem unwelcoming. If it’s vibrant with a few pots of flowers, or has a few boards of meaningful words like “live, laugh, love, repeat” it’s a lot more welcoming and friendly. Use a few buckets that can hold flowers and plants, and place your favorite autumn flowers in them.

14. Marquee Light Letter Pumpkins

Credit: Karaspartyideas

Rather than buying marquee lights, make your own! You literally only need an acto knife, marquee light letters, and artificial pumpkins. That’s it! Check out this awesome tutorial to find out how to make uber cool light decorations. You’ll never have to shop for fake pumpkins or extra fall decorations again!

15. Wheelbarrow on the porch

Credit: Sarahjoyblog

You know the wheelbarrow that’s been collecting dust in your garage? Put it to use as a cool decoration on your porch. Put a bunch of pumpkins, some festive looking grass, and a board that says “pumpkins”. In case it wasn’t obvious.

16. Coffee table makeover

Credit: Sugarcreekcraftsmen

Whether you buy a rustic wooden table or redecorate your coffee table, the result will be a table giving off an overwhelmingly nostalgic fall vibe. Beneath the table, place one or two wooden hampers filled with a blanket or two. On top, place a rustic metal frame and a vase of flowers along with a few fabric pumpkins. Voila! A gorgeous fall themed table in a matter of no time!

17. Couch Comfort

Anickal Set of 4 Fall Pillow Covers Autumn Theme Farmhouse Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch for Fall Decorations

Decorate your couch with these cute throw pillows this fall! Plus there’s the added advantage of being machine washable, linen, and a hidden zipper. It’s basically the lion of all pillows. Majestically beautiful, adding some color to your home. Buy them here.

18. Maple Leaf Garland

Nahuaa 90 Feet Artificial Silk Fall Maple Leaf Garland Autumn Hanging Vine Wholesale Home Party Ceremony Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Set of 12

Trying to decorate the top of the doors, but running out of ideas? Use this maple garland on the porch door, or over the mantle. Nothing screams fall more than a bunch of leaves strung together! Hang it from the rafters, use it around your dinner party table, or string it from the ceiling. The possibilities are endless for this vibrant garland. Buy these garlands here.

19. Thank you pumpkins

The Lakeside Collection 6-Pc. Thanks Pumpkin Set

Nothing says thank you more than pumpkins……that literally spell out thank you! Place these colorful pumpkins on the mantle to add color to the room. They’re perfect for thanksgiving and the colors of fall. And since they’re multicolored, they work for pretty much every season! It’s basically a permanent ornament. Buy them here.

20. Fire pit and Chairs on the porch

Credit: Blesserhouse

Some of my best camping memories almost always involve smores! Bring back those memories and giddy nostalgia with a propane fire pit and comfy chairs with blankets on the porch. Not only is it decorative, it’s also functional. There’s nothing better than curling up in a blanket outside and reading a book in front of the fire. While enjoying smores with your family of course!

21. Simple marble tray

Credit: Harlowejames

Accentuate your simple coffee table with this white marble tray. With a vase of flowers, a maple scented candle and a book or two, it’ll look like it walked out of the pages of Architectural Digest magazine! This marble platter is inexpensive to buy and easy to find. The simpler the items you use to decorate, the more success you’ll have with the fall farmhouse vibe.

22. DIY Pumpkin Terrarium

Credit: Blesserhouse

Remember the dome from Beauty and the Beast? It had the rose from which petals kept falling down. Apparently, it’s also cute as a fall farmhouse decoration! Who knew? The glass dome is actually part of a dome clock which can be turned into a plain dome. Stack a couple of pumpkins with a bit of artistically fake grass, and voila! Place this dome anywhere in the house for aesthetic appeal.

23. Dollar tree Pumpkin Jars

Credit: Littlehouseoffour

Honestly, dollar tree is like Candyland. It has pretty much everything you could dream of at an affordable price. Why not make a DIY pumpkin jar using materials from the dollar store! Using just a few materials, you can turn a few dollar tree jars into candy jars that look like pumpkins. Just in time for Halloween!

24. Rustic Tiered Tray

Creative Co-Op Distressed Brown Wood Metal Handle Two-Tier Tray

A wooden 3-tiered tray is the perfect rustic decoration to add to your kitchen island. Add a candle here and there, with a couple of autumn flowers a few coffee mugs full of spoons, pumpkins or even acorns. Because…..why not? It’s fall! Deck the halls with lots of pumpkins and rustic decorations! You can buy one here.

25. Thanksgiving Tablescape

Credit: Lifeonvirginiastreet

Having a thanksgiving dinner party? Or just chilling with the family? Switch up your normal chairs for comfy, cushy ones and add a velvet pillow. Add some colorful plates to the table, and match it with ivory and blue or pale gold table cloth. Add a pumpkin vase in the center; this decor definitely screams #fall decor.

26. Fall basket Wreath

Credit: Beneathmyheart

It definitely wouldn’t be fall without DIY baskets overflowing with pumpkins and flowers! Personalize the basket with a ribbon and your favorite autumn flowers. Hang it on a bedroom door or the door on the porch. It’s a step away from traditional leaf wreaths, but still just as wonderfully pleasant to look at and be reminded of the holidays!

27. Coat rack transformation

Credit: Ninahendrick

We often overlook the coat rack, since we’re mostly grabbing jackets or scarves from it before speeding off. It actually has a lot of potential to act as a headboard for decoration! Use your old rainboots to stuff some of your favorite flowers down the boot. It acts as a vase for flowers! Place a board with a cool quote on top of the rack, and hang a cool, rustic mirror on one of the coat hooks. Your coat rack will look unrecognizably festive.

28. DIY Cinderella Pumpkin

Credit: Apumpkinandaprincess

Who said pumpkins always have to stay orange or white? Although you might be decorating for fall, having colors like powder blue or a splash of pink brings out the beauty of your other fall decor. Paint your pumpkins a bright blue and add a dash of glitter, and you’re done! A DIY cinderella pumpkin. Decorating has never been this easy!

29. Halloween porch decoration

Credit: Beneathmyheart

Although this isn’t really “farmhouse style”, fall wouldn’t be complete without Halloween. Quite possibly the only day that consumption of enormously unhealthy amounts of sugar is allowed. Decorate your front door with a maple leaf garland with lights and add a few pumpkins on either side of the door. Minimum effort, maximum decorative look.

30. A stunning fall centerpiece


This is one of those ideas that require very few materials, but in the end looks like you put in 1 hour of effort! Use an oversized glass vase cotton balls and pheasant feathers. Sounds weird, but looks amazing (like oreos and orange juice)! A variety of silk flowers and pumpkins completes the farmhouse fall look.

31. Flower Power


Use a simple wooden box as a centerpiece on the dining table. Fill it with bright sunflowers and autumn leaves. This vibrant piece spices up any dull room with its color combinations and rustic vibe.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to transform your home for fall. Using inexpensive products, and a heck of a lot of pumpkins, your home will look fall-ready in no time!

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