How to Dust – 15 Dusting Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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Dusting is the essential part of any cleaning process, be it your seasonal deep clean, spring cleaning or winter cleaning. Dusting seems to be one of the most hateful tasks, at least for me. But sadly there is no escape to it.

Dust will continue to coat every possible horizontal surface. You can’t eliminate it completely but you can definitely reduce it by working on its sources. Most of the dust in our houses predominantly comes from outside through doors, windows, and other openings. So if you keep them closed, you can possibly reduce the amount of dust accumulating in your house.

The moment you clean and wipe off the dust on any surface, it starts accumulating on that surface again; although it may not be evident initially. On top of that dust allergies are too common, so going through this fruitless process is too annoying right?

To your surprise dusting can become a quick and easy household task if you use a few tricks and hacks. This is a one-stop guide for you on how to clean dust at your place and make the process easier. We have also added some brilliant dusting hacks in the latter part of the post. These hacks will make dusting a little less hateful task for you.

So, here you go.

Some Common Dusting Tips

Never start with the floor

If you start the dusting process with the floor after rolling up your sleeves, then you are definitely going the wrong way. You should never start this cleaning task with the floor of the place. You should always start from the topmost place which is the ceiling and the walls (you can use a broom for it), then move towards the floor and vacuum it at last.

There is just some logic behind this. The dust from walls and ceilings end up on the floor, so if you clean the floor before the ceilings you have to clean the floor again. In short, you will unnecessarily have to do double work. If you want to work extra and drain yourself out, then this is a good option to consider.

Use environment-friendly cleaning products

Why environment-friendly cleaning products? Of course for causing less harm to yourself and the environment. Also, cleaning products containing chemicals deteriorate the condition of the things with time on which they are used.

Avoid the cleaning products containing ingredients such as sodium hydroxide, phthalates, ammonia, chlorine and other such ingredients that are harmful to you.

Use Proper dusting tools

You need to use tools that will grab and actually clear the dust, instead of just shifting its place or moving it around. Some important dusting tools you must have:

  1. Microfiber cloth 
  2. Lambswool Duster
  3. Ceiling Fan Duster
  4. Paint Brushes
  5. Other Soft Bristle Brushes
  6. Vacuum Cleaner
  7. Cleaning Gloves
  8. Broom
  9. Baby Wipes
  10. Compressed Air
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A microfiber cloth easily picks up the dust from a surface. It has a lot of fibers that absorbs the dust well and do not leave any of it behind, resulting in better and streak-free cleaning of the surface as compared to using other clothes. You can use this cloth to wipe off any surface.

Paintbrushes and other soft bristle brushes work wonders in cleaning dust out of crevices and small spaces which are difficult to reach. Put on and use gloves dipped in some cleaning solution for places and things such as glass items, fans, lights, etc where you want your hand to reach out and do the task

Vacuum cleaners can be used for sucking up dust from almost any place. Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning dust from curtains, blinds, windows tracks, bathroom vents, food crumbs in the stove area, cleaning the floor, among a lot of other things.

For leather furniture

A simple tea bag along with some other home ingredients can help you bring back the shine of your leather furniture. Add ½ cup brewed black tea, ½ cup vinegar and ¾ cup olive oil in some container and mix well. Apply this solution to the leather surfaces using a microfiber cloth. Olive oil is added to improve the durability of leather.

For Electronic appliances

Apart from the exterior of electronic appliances, even the different tiny interior parts of some appliances such as television and computers can catch some dust over time. Always unplug the appliances before cleaning.

For the exteriors of various electronic appliances, which you should try to clean at least once in two weeks, using a microfiber cloth is one of the most efficient dusting tips. For a better and shiny clean, dip the microfiber cloth in a cleaning solution (a mixture of cleaning product and some water) and squeeze it to eliminate any excess water before using it.

For the crevices and areas difficult to reach, use a paintbrush or a soft brush. Interiors of only some of the appliances can be cleaned at home.

Like, I use a paintbrush to dust the interior of my personal computer. A paintbrush works really well on the interiors without any risk of damaging any part. Using a vacuum cleaner is a good option too. Both the ideas work well for the openings and gaps to prevent the appliances from getting clogged resulting in overheating.

For the refrigerator

Okay, so you got to know about how to clean dust from the exteriors of the refrigerator, which is using a microfiber cloth or even a vacuum.

What if you want to dust clean the area backside where the coil is located?

Use vacuum in combination with a refrigerator coil brush to clean the backside and space underneath the refrigerator. Loosen the particles using the refrigerator coil brush and then trap them using a vacuum cleaner.

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For the Delicate items

To get rid of dust from delicate items such as jewelry, fragile home decor, weak fixtures, and fittings, you need to use smoothly working cleaning tools such as paint or makeup brush or some other soft bristle brush. It will remove all of the trapped dust. If you want to go further in cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth dipped in a cleaning solution to wipe off the surface.

Some Unique Dusting hacks

Use static force for upholstered furniture

You must have observed that the dust and dirt on the surfaces of upholstered furniture are sticky and difficult to remove using some cloth. One easy way to remove dust from upholstered furniture is using static force to pull out dust, hair and other particles. Put on a rubber glove and rub it over the surface to create static force. Now it will attract and pull out all the dust particles.

Using old pillowcase for dust cleaning the ceiling fans

Put on an old pillowcase over the blade of a fan. Pull the cloth back, down and along the blade so that it cleans the blade. The dirt and dust will stay in the cloth, thus keeping your floor clean.

Hairdryer for the house plants

Dust accumulates on the plants too, which acts as a hindrance in their absorption of carbon dioxide by reducing their effectiveness. Use a hairdryer on the cold setting to blow away that dust and help your plants survive better.

Using coffee filters and dryer sheets

When microfiber cloth is not available, you can use coffee filters and dryer sheets as alternatives. These are soft and very much suitable for dusting and cleaning.

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The keyboard cleaning hack

Dust easily accumulates between the keys on a keyboard which gradually causes a problem and decreases your typing speed. Turn the keyboard upside down or vertical to the floor and shake it to let the loose debris out. Then clean the spaces between keys on your keyboard using a cotton bud.

Dusting the radiator

Radiators look too difficult to clean, especially the area behind and in between the metal. Actually, they are not that difficult to clean. Wrap a cleaning cloth around a ruler, use an elastic band so that the cloth stays in the band and drive it in the places you think are difficult to clean.

The best way to clean the blinds

This dusting hack will make cleaning the blinds an easy task for you. All you need for this hack is a pair of tongs and two cleaning cloths. Wrap a cloth around each tong and secure with elastic bands. Wipe each blind by placing it between the tongs, and running it along.

I hope these tips help you clean more efficiently and prevent dust from accumulating as fast.

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So, how often do you dust around your home? And If you find these hacks useful, then do share the post!

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