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30 Best Fall Centerpieces Ideas and Decorations

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Fall is just around the corner. There is already a chill in the air around and the first orange leaves have started to shed away to welcome winter. Fall has many charms of its own, but the best part of the season is the time you get to spend with your near and dear ones.

Jokes shared over meals and wine spilled with secrets are the highlights of any good Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is the one respite we get from daily life to just enjoy the company of others. While preparing your turkey to be the star of the show and perfecting the amount of cinnamon in your apple pie, it can get quite hectic.

Do not let the stress of time keep you from exercising your creativity. The festive times are just an excuse for you to dress up your house in paraphilia. With the rush of events, it becomes quite difficult to stay on the top of your decoration game. To save your time, we have rounded up 30 ways for you to decorate for the occasion. By taking inspiration from these centerpieces, you can instantly add the oomph factor to an otherwise bland table.


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1. Add Some Vintage Appeal

Colored Bottle Tree Bottles for Outdoor Garden Decor, Set of 6

To make your flowers and tree stems stand out, place them in some vintage glass bottles. You can easily find these bottles on Amazon. Use your design as an excuse to pop open that wine bottle you’ve been dreaming of for so long. A great design and a great evening to follow.

2. Crepe Flowers

Credit: Delicious Table

Hate it when your flowers wilt before the guests even arrive. The solution is using crepe flowers. They are easily available in home depot stores. Or ditch the store completely and make them at home as per your whims and fancies. They look just as precious and add the pop of fresh color that normal flowers fail to achieve sometimes.

3. Line Up the Pumpkins

Nothing can beat pumpkins when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations. From going to pumpkin parches to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, the entire spirit of the season seems to have been encapsulated by them. Which is why they make such perfect additions to the table. Here is how Ella Claire does it

4. Light Up Some Votives

Hosley Set of 48 Unscented Clear Glass Wax Filled Votive Candles 12 Hour Burn Time. Glass Votive and Hand Poured Candle Included Ideal Gift or Use for Aromatherapy Weddings Party Favors O1

Votives are essential to make any place look ethereal, and that extends to your table. By lighting up a few candles, you can create a warm and soothing atmosphere in no time. Bonus points to you if these candles are scented. To level up your game, stick on some leaves o the containers to make them as autumnal as possible.

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5. Wrap Your Wheat

Credit: Inspired By Charm

If you are looking for a splash of color in a jiffy, this is the match for you. Wheat stalks in themselves are pretty simple in appearance, however, by using some thread you can make them the center of attention at your get together.

6. Light Up The Graters

Credit: Goodhousekeeping

Extend the thanks to your kitchen appliances. Coming to your help is the most unexpected decorating item, the grater. By salvaging old graters, you can use them as a lampshade to give a glimmering effect at your table. Now you know what to look for in the next yard sale.

7. Confetti Turkey

Credit: Studio DIY

Try out this new take on stuffing for your turkey this year. Confetti is a party quintessential and promises fun like none other. Depart from the traditional thanksgiving décor and move on to this more amusing, child-like decoration that will leave all your guests smiling.

8. Coffee and Pumpkin Boxes

Credit: Calm Cradle

Combine a seasonal favorite with an all-year favorite to create a combination that smells so good you might just never keep it back. Pumpkin candles placed amidst coffee beans impart an interesting color pallet to your table as well as keep the guests fawning over the heavenly scent.

9. The Thankful Turkey

Credit: Dandelion Patina

Let everyone know what you are thankful for this year by displaying them where everyone will be, at the table. This tree made from wood in the shape of a turkey is the cutest way to showcase your fondest memories. The use of forks as picture holders makes it even more inventive. You can reuse this one for years to come.

10. Apple Candle Holders

Credit: Domestically Blissful

Take a bit from your apple and keep it aside to make a splendid candle holder out of them. Apples are naturally effervescent and will not fail to create delight amongst the attendees. The range of choice is vast, from the sizes to the colors you select.

11. Bring the Garden Inside

Credit: Burlap And Denim

There are many more uses to your overgrown shrubbery than just burning them away. If you are looking for a more naturalistic look for your tablescape this time around, this idea id the one for you. Add in a few flowers and you will have a decoration that will the talk of the town.

12. A Stick Turkey

Credit: Made In A Day

This DIY looks difficult but is actually one of the simplest ones out there. The required materials can be easily found around the house. Involve the kids for an evening of crafting and family bonding. It is after all, what the season is all about.

13. Golden Pumpkins

Credit: Simply Designing

Even Cinderella’s ride cannot hold a candle to these golden pumpkins. Anything shiny is an instant attraction for everyone within viewing distance. Even luck plays out in our favor since gold tones go along with other autumn colors so well.

14. Copper Taped Candles

Credit: Design Improvised

Tapes are the quickest way to spruce up anything without expending much effort into it. Copper tapes look especially regal in their design and pay off. Although the tutorial only focuses on candles, you can go all out an create an entire ensemble based on the idea.

15. Go Big on the Neutrals

Minimalism is the next big thing in designing, with good reason. Neutral colors have their own fairytale-like appeal and are much more soothing to look at. If you want to get all your items in a single theme, this tutorial shows you just how to achieve coordination for the centerpiece of your dreams.

16. Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Credit: Unoriginal Mom

Decorating in a hurry? We have your back. With just three ingredients, you can recreate this gorgeous design for your own house in minutes. Grab some faux pumpkins, chalk, and paintbrushes to achieve the look and flaunt it. The chalk texture works with all pieces, so do not limit yourself to just pumpkins.

17. Pumpkin Jars

Credit: The 36th Avenue

Step into a hipster’s paradise with these mason jar pieces that complement your table with a rustic and modern look. Along with looking pretty, these jars are functional as well. You can use them to store condiments for the tables, or as take away gifts for your guests to enjoy long post the dinner.

18. Pumpkin Place Cards

Credit: Woman’s Day

Avoid confusion and chaos at the table by letting everyone know where they are seated with this handy hack. Place cards don’t need to fall behind in the festive spirit. By using mini pumpkins to hold your guests’ name, you can let everyone in on their personal bit of festive cheer.

19. Flower Crown

Credit: Woman’s Day

Bring back the summer memories by making these adorable flower crowns for your pumpkins. You can make floral pieces for your table with a bit of effort and a few supplies which are easily available. The best part about these is that that you can use them again for the next years to come. A small investment when compared to the results.

20. Acorn Tabletop

Credit: Turtles And Tails

Acorns are often looked over as potential decoration pieces. They are cheaply available, and can also be found in your backyard in abundance. Combine the outdoorsy appeal of the stems with the rich colors of the stems to assemble a piece that will wow all those who lay their eyes on it.

21. Pumpkin Menu Card

Credit: The Merry Thought

Let everyone know what’s brewing behind the scenes with this innovative method. By using a pumpkin as a chalkboard for listing the food items to be expected, you will be leaving everyone salivating at the table for the next culinary masterpiece.

22. Wood Block Pumpkins

Credit: Ribbons And Glue

Love the idea of pumpkins but don’t want to go the basic route of using them as decor? Give a twist to the traditional idea by keeping the essence but ditching the ordinary. Make these modern pumpkin-themed wooden blocks with a bit of carpentry and the staple colors of fall. The end result takes up lesser space and looks fabulous as the centerpiece.

23. Log Center Piece

Credit: Jenna Burger

This one DIY brings back all fond memories from camp. Huddling around burning logs on a cold evening sounds like the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Go for the less flammable route, but still as an effective log candle holder. This DIY costs almost next to nothing, and is super easy to follow along.

24. The Dollar Store Candelabra

Credit: Passionate Penny Pincher

Running tight on a budget does not mean you need to compromise on the decoration aspect of thanksgiving. These candelabras can be made from things found at the dollar store, and cost individually about 6$ each. The popcorn kernels are an added bonus to up the overall appeal of the project.

25. Foliage Wraps

Credit: That’s What Che Said

The leaves in your backyard make for fun-filled hours of jumping for the kids, but they can serve so many more purposes. Use these symbols of fall as a wrapping for other elements of your design. Tied together with a jute rope, they can make even the most ordinary of décor into autumn themed pieces.

26. Don’t Forget the Kids Table

Credit: HGTV

Cooking for the entire family gets tiring. Adding decoration on top of that is like a nonstop list of items to check off before the big day arrives. However, it is no excuse to forget the actual bundles of joy present in our lives. You can create this quick decoration for the kids’ table which will keep them occupied as well as sated for the remainder of the evening.

27. A Citrusy Experience

Credit: Coco Kelley

Deviate from the tried and true orange color schemes to include more of, well oranges! By using these citrus fruits as your main decoration, you can make a stunning display.

There are so many benefits to this one design. It is simple to look at, it is easy to recreate, and it makes everything smell heavenly. And if anyone is getting antsy waiting for food, there is always a snack to gorge on.

28. Balloons Everywhere

Credit: Sugar And Cloth

All kids and their parents will agree on this one, nothing screams a party more than balloons. Why restrict these bubbles of joy only to birthday parties, when they look just as good next to your turkey. Balloons are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is no dearth of what you could achieve with this one idea. The kids will definitely love this one.

29. Basket Of Goodies

Credit: HGTV

Nothing excites us more than looking at a basket filled with fresh produce and picks from the market. The farmhouse appeal is strong with this one. It is an understated yet beautiful way to showcase all the fruits and flora that the season has to offer without much extravaganza.

30. An Edible Centerpiece

Credit: HGTV

What is better than a centerpiece that looks amazing? A centerpiece that tastes just as good as it looks. Making this bread cornucopia for your guests to snack on as they wait for the food to arrive. It is an effective way to keep them entertained as well as well-fed as they admire your creativity on this one.

With this list of extensive ideas, you are well equipped to make this thanksgiving the best decorated of them all. follow along on these tutorials to achieve the perfect feast of your dreams, without any fuss at all.

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