28 Ingenious DIY Christmas Trees (Many are free)

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This the season to DIY to your heart’s content.

Longer nights spent staying curled up near the fireplace. A cup of hot cocoa topped with lightly burned marshmallows. And of course, a candy cane to sweeten the concoction. The year-end brings a lot of celebrations, of time-honored traditions and new beginnings.

The holidays are also the perfect excuse to meet old friends and organize get-togethers for the entire family. Playing host to this event means creating a delicious spread and a warm atmosphere to go with it. Nothing creates the ambiance more than the Christmas tree at the center of it all. While we all are aware of the importance of the quintessential décor, arranging a pine tree can be more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.

There are a plethora of reasons you would want to switch over from the traditional bulky pine tree to something that is well, not exactly a tree.

Firstly, it saves you the transportation expenditures and all the heavy lifting work associated with it. It also saves your time spent in selecting and discarding the tree later on. Lastly, if done right, it can also help you to minimize the space taken up by a tree.

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To get you started, we have compiled a list of 28 trees that embolden the spirit of Christmas just the same as a pine tree.

1. Pegboard Tree

Credit: A Pair & A Spare

While pegboards are useful for solving mysteries and helping you get through the semester, don’t restrict them only to mundane tasks. With the help of a few pins and a string of lights, you can make your own Christmas tree in a few minutes.

Mix and match two to three different lights for a fun combination or keep it whimsical with just white lights. Either way, this one tree is sure to brighten up your house with its own charm.

Check out the complete tutorial here.

2. Chalkboard Tree

Drawings on the wall are a rite of the kids in the house. Save your walls and the kids from boredom by setting up a chalkboard on one of your walls. Let the kids draw a beautiful Christmas tree on the chalkboard and make it a perfect place for all to gather around on Christmas eve.

Buy a chalkboard here.

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3. Wall Decal Tree

Coxeer Felt Christmas Tree, 3.28FT DIY Christmas Tree with LED String Lights 16.4 ft with 50 LEDs and 30 PCS Ornaments for Kids Xmas Gifts Home Door Wall Decoration

If you’re not into big and pompous décor, no need to fret. You can still instill the spirit of Christmas without going all the way out. A wall decal is easy to put up and is quite kind on your wallet as well. Another nifty quirk about these decals lies in their versatility, so you can set up anywhere and still enjoy the seasonal activities.

Get this beautiful wall decal tree here.

4. Photo Tree

The spirit of Christmas is all about including your loved ones in your celebrations, and this tree is the perfect way to showcase the joy.

By using photographs as anchor points for making a tree structure, you can create a beautiful trip down the memory lane. For all those who will be present, this tree will surely remind them of the best thing in life, (apart from the presents of course!).

Check out the complete tutorial here.

5. Ply Wood Tree

Credit: Dans Le Lakehouse

Pull up your sleeves and get ready to show off your carpentry skills. This tree is inspired by Scandinavian designs, which means it is modern and sleek. For those who can’t part with your aesthetic for Christmas, this black tree seems like the perfect balance between traditional and minimal. You can even customize the plyboard to fit your requirements and testes.

Curious to know about how to make it? Check out the tutorial here.

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6. Fiber Board Tree

Credit: Full Time Fiesta

Another alternative to the bulky tree is using a fiber boar cut out in the shape of one. Since boards are cheap and easily available, this would make for an evening well spent.

You can color the fiber in any shade, which is boon for all those who want to stick to a particular theme this year. Since fiber is easy to puncture as well, hanging up baubles and tinsel is a no-sweat job.

7. Tissue Paper Tree

Credit: Curbly

This fun and fringy tree by Curbly is over 6 feet tall, but takes up virtually no space at all. made from cut-up tissue paper dyed in different hues; it is a godsend for those looking to make a tree on the fly. It also serves as the perfect photo backdrop for your holiday selfies as well.

8. Wall Tree

This wall tree hides a special advantage in it. By using different fresh herbs for layering, you are creating an effervescent piece of décor. This tree is easy to put up and remove and will leave no damage to your walls as well. You can elect whichever herb or flowers you fancy. From season favorite pine to calming lavender, the possibilities are endless with this one.

Visit Almost Makes Perfect for the complete tutorial.

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9. Hanging Orbs Tree

Credit: Not Martha

Not all trees have to be rooted in the ground to blossom. By hanging orbs and other decorations in a shape pf a spiral, you can create a mesmerizing tree that floats above the stack of gifts placed below. The DIY is easy to follow and will surprise you on how little time it takes to set up. Be prepared to answer all the awed questions on how you did it later though.

10. Cacti Tree

Credit: Sugar And Cloth

Dress up your old succulents to function as alternative trees for the season. By wrapping your cacti in tinsel and poking on furballs on their spikes, you’ll have the most adorable tree in the neighborhood. As a bonus, you don’t even have to discard your beloved tree later on.

11. Foam Tree

Credit: Studio DIY

Looking for a tree to fit your apartment and yet give off holiday cheer is a difficult thing to do, but with this foam tree, it might just be possible. The tree extends in all four directions and can be easily dressed up to match the occasion. Moreover, it can even work as a tabletop centerpiece at dinner.

12. Wooden Tree

Credit: Laloleblog

Spare a few logs from the fireplace to make your own log hanging. By arranging logs in the order of their size, you can achieve a tree like a silhouette that can add a rustic look to your apartment. Proceed to then hang tinsel, baubles and top it off with a star at the end.

13. Newspaper Tree

Credit: Mother Earth Living

Old newspaper is useful in so many other ways. They are easily available on hand at all times as well, with a stack that’s at any given time nearby. Upscale these old papers to create a tree that will look like something a librarian would be proud of.

14. Christmas Card Tree

Credit: Homelife

Even if you are not a fan of sending out multitudes of greeting cards, everyone has a stack of greeting cards that they have no clue what to do with. Throwing them away would be insensitive, and keeping them in the dust does not do justice to the emotion behind them.

Thankfully, here is a way you can showcase all your Christmas cards and make them look good while doing it. By arranging the cards in the form of a tree, you can reminiscence on all the past memories fondly whenever you pass by.

15. Washi Tape Tree

Credit: Nalle’s House

Washi tape is everyone stationery freaks dream. They are available in a variety of designs and colors where the options seem endless. Use the washi tapes you’ve been sorting in your drawer to make a minimalistic tree that  can fit anywhere, from the main wall to the door as a welcome sign

16. Upholstery Trees

Credit: HGTV

You will need to remember your sewing lessons for this tree. Repurpose old curtains and the like into quirky new patterned trees that are the star of the show. While this DIY takes more patience than the others, the results are worth all the effort in the end.

17. Terracotta Trees

Credit: HGTV


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Bring a bit of your garden on the inside with this alternative. Arrange all the terracotta pots one upon the other upside down and voila, there you have it.

You might need to make one more festive with a sprinkle of wrappings and hanging up glass balls, but the end result is as festive as a regular tree. If you’re feeling adventurous, try coloring the pots to create a unique theme for them.

18. Ladder Tree

Credit: Shelterness

The most functional tree of them all, simply wrap around the Christmas paraphilia on your ladder and there you have it. A tree that takes up less space, time and money whilst not compromising on the holiday fervor.

19. Twine Tree

Credit: HGTV

Glue together some twines from your backyard to make a design that looks so artfully intricate, everyone will agree it belongs to an art studio. You may doubt how twines can hold up the structural integrity of the design, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how durable this tree is.

20. Sweater Scrap Christmas Trees

Credit: Bless’er House

Pull out all the old sweaters and repurpose them int a cozy tree. This one is made from cutting up your worn-out garments into pieces that resemble branches on which you can embroider flowers and motifs if you’re feeling creative.

21. Crochet Trees

Credit: Meg Made With Love

Whether you are a crochet beginner or an expert, making this tree is the excuse you need to show off your skills to your family. crochet together a few cones that will function as your tree in different patterns and sizes for all to marvel at.

22. Candleholder Trees

Credit: Sadie Seasongoods

This tree is both a treat for your eyes and a treat for the kids. Fashion a candelabra into a tree by wrapping tinsel or vines around the bottom leading to the top. You can then choose to store candies where the spaces for candles are, or go the old-fashioned way and light up some votives. Either way, this tree will surely please all those around it.

23. Confetti Trees

Credit: Sugar and Cloth

Bring a bit of party spirit into the celebration and make a tree that resembles a confetti cone. You can opt for the preferred greens and red or go a bit wild with pinks and yellows. Either way, this tree brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

24. Plastic Spoon Tree

Credit: One Project Closer

A creative way to utilize all the spoons that have been lying around the house, cluttering up space. Color the spoons in a shade of your choice and assemble them together in the shape of a tree with the help of some glue.

25. Tomato Cage Tree

An alternative that has been staring you right in the face all this time, the tomato cage is the perfect shape to substitute in for the time-honored giant pines. You can use the cage as it is for adding an outdoorsy appeal or recolor it in a brighter toe to match the seasonal cheer.

Whichever path you choose, remember to complete the look by adding a star on the top as a finishing touch. Check out the tutorial here.

26. Pinecone Tree

Credit: HGTV

Pinecones certainly make for small Christmas trees, but their impact is not diminished with their size. Instead by sticking a few pieces together, you can create a tree that looks stellar and gives a farmhouse appeal to your house.

27. Beer Bottle Tree


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Make a statement with this wacky idea and give a good laugh to all your friends present. By making a tree out of beer bottles, you are clearly saying that all the holiday cheer is to be found here itself. In particular, the green glass color heavily compliments the holiday vibes and fits in well with the rest of its surroundings.

28. Book Tree

Credit: HGTV

Let your passion for reading show with this tree that becomes the perfect spot for all the book lovers to gather around. All that is required is strategically placing had copy books one atop the other and stringing lights along their perimeter.

Don’t forget to add the star on top and you are good to go. You can even sneak out a book or two to read from the tree and no one will notice.

All these options are a great way to jazz up your living space for the upcoming season. If you’re in a pinch or have spent months planning for the same, there is something for everyone. Try your hand at one of these alternative tree ideas and let us know which one worked for you.

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