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    20 Different Types Of Scissors

    While we may not realize it sometimes, scissors are an indispensable item in our daily lives. Without it, many of our daily activities may come to a halt! From small tasks like gardening to important things like surgical operations, scissors form an integral part of daily human activities. Scissors, generally speaking, include a pair of […] More

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    20 Types Of Bricklaying Tools

    We all at least once in our life experience masonry work. We all have some or the other time come across tools that are used to build different things and sometimes we don’t even know its name but uses. From simple work like digging some soil in your backyard to plant a small tree to […] More

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    19 Types of Measuring Tools

    The new technology advancements these days have got us expecting nothing less than pinpoint accuracy in measurements. Be it distance measurement through GPS or Heart Rate on the Smartwatch, measurement tools have become better than ever. You can put the advancement into perspective by looking at the measurement tools used in ancient times.  People used […] More