12 Unexpected Home Hacks for Car Wax That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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Yes, the use of car wax is not limited to your car. It does have some other uses or you can say car wax hacks that can prove useful to you someday. 


You will get to know as you read further, that’s what the post is about.

Car wax is used once in a few months to give a layer of protection and finish to the car exteriors. Well if it can be used for dealing with scratches, dust, adding shine to the car, it can also be used to add shine to the faucets of your bathroom and keep them clean. Its list of uses doesn’t end up here.

There are many other such uses of car wax in daily life which makes it useful around the house. Scroll down and check them out.

1. Add Shine to Your Furniture

car wax for furniture

Just the way you shine your car using car wax, apply a coat of it to the furniture to protect it from scratches and dust as well as make it shine like the new. You can use it for any type of furniture— wooden, plastic, or metal. It protects the metal ones from rust, which is common in places of high humidity.

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2. Spot-free Faucets

spot free faucets

You are very lucky if you’ve never seen the hard water spots on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. But if you are among the ones that are tired of cleaning these hard-to-clean spots, car wax is the solution for you.

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Applying car wax on these fixtures and buffing them using microfiber cloth will save them from water spots. It will also keep the faucets shining. 

3. Prevent the Growth of Mildew

The growth of mildew in my bathroom was the thing that annoyed me a lot. Every time it was cleaned, it would grow back in a few days. Looking for a solution, I came across the surprising use of car wax to prevent the growth of mildew. 

To treat mildew, first clean the tiles, the shower door, or other areas affected by it with a regular cleaner. Then apply a layer of car wax with the help of a clean cloth and then you don’t need to worry about it for a couple of months.

4. Get rid of Fingerprints on Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances, especially the dark ones are just a pinch away from getting fingerprints on their surfaces. Use car wax to eliminate the fingerprints and smudges.

How to do it?

For most car wax hacks, the treatment process remains the same. Apply some wax, let it dry a little bit, and rub it using a microfiber cloth.

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5. A Protective Shiny Layer for Your Stove

shiny stove

Once in a month or two, apply car wax on your stove to make it lustrous and easy to clean. It eases up the cleaning of grease and the food that spills on the stove and requires vigorous scrubbing to clean. You may have guessed that it is because of the slippery nature of the wax.

6. Protect Your Fan Blades from Dust

I have observed that the fan gets dustier when we use it. Don’t use it for a few days and you will see that it looks relatively less dirty. That does not mean that you stop using it altogether to keep it clean. That would be ridiculous.

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Instead, coat the blades of your fan with car wax. We use car wax on the exterior of the car to minimize the number of dust particles settling on it. 

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7. Keeping Your Mirrors Fog-free

Hot showers are a nightmare for the mirrors of your bathroom. These cause foggy mirrors which puts a full stop to the sole purpose of a mirror to let you see yourselves.

No need to break your bond with hot showers. Apply some car wax to your mirror and buff with a microfiber cloth to save your mirror from its nightmare.

8. Make Backsplash Easy to Clean

A backsplash does the job of protecting the wall from splashes, making itself dirty in the process. And those splashes of small food particle drops are difficult to clean.

Remember the hack I shared with you to easily clean your kitchen stove? Use that. Coat the backsplash with car wax so that you can easily wipe off the grease next time.

9. Solution for Sticky Drawers

Drawers become difficult to open and close when there is not enough lubrication within the slides. As car wax is a slippery substance, it can act as a potential lubricant.

This also works for the hard-to-slide windows.

10. Keep Metals Smooth to Touch

Corrosion is common in metals due to friction, certain climatic conditions, and other elements. So the objects made of metals are subject to corrosion too. You can prevent metal corrosion and keep your favorite objects smooth to touch by treating them with car wax. Rub some car wax on them once or twice a year.

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11. Provides Protection from Rust

All that is needed for some object made of iron to catch rust is humidity and oxygen. Rusting not only affects the appearance of the tools and objects but also degrades their quality over time.

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Introduce your belongings made of iron to car wax. Polish them with car wax to reduce the chances of rusting. Rusting is a bit difficult to prevent, otherwise.

12. Don’t Let Snow Stick to Your Shovel

car wax for shovel

Isn’t it too irritating when the snow that you are clearing out keeps sticking to your shovel?

So before you start shoveling, apply a coat or two of car wax to the shovel. This will prevent the snow from sticking to it and causing a hassle.

Car wax can be used every other day to solve some common isses. The variety of its uses makes me sometimes forget that it is made for the car!

Written by Pulkit D

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