11 Alternatives To Bi-Fold Closet Doors

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With the inflow of minimalism, don’t we all want a modern and stylish-looking home? But surprisingly, changing our closet doors for something better is not something we always consider while going for a classy look and that’s where the problem lies.

Bi-fold closet doors have been the go-to option forever but now, there are far better-looking and far better-functioning alternatives available out in the market. So, why not try something new?

Let us help you explore 11 Alternatives To Bi-Fold Closet Doors in this article.


11 Alternatives To Bi-Fold Closet Doors

1. Barn Doors/ Sliding Doors

Are you someone who loves a rustic feel in the room? If yes, then barn doors are the match perfect for you. Their popularity has soared high because of their ability to hide away the closet clutter in the most beautiful way possible. They prove to be a great alternative to the traditional bi-fold doors.

Pros: These doors are a great way to save space if you have a small room since they open sideways unlike hinged doors.

Cons: Their installation is tough and takes a lot of time as well.

2. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are just like sliding doors, with the key difference that they entirely disappear into the wall when opened. But, that proves to be an advantage because you get the full view of your closet, and who doesn’t love that?

They need to be made into the walls while construction, but their looks make it all worth the effort.

Pros: You get the full view of the closet and even save a lot of space.

Cons: These cannot be installed after construction.

3. French Doors/ Double Doors

Now, this is something you would love, a chic-looking glass door with two independently opening sides. It’s effortlessly beautiful and gives your closet space such a classy look.

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Pros: The doors are aesthetically pleasing and their installation doesn’t take as much time and effort.

Cons: As it’s glass, everything that’s inside can be seen so you need to make sure your closet is always tidy.

4. Curtains

If you want to ditch the doors altogether, then curtains are the right fit for you. They cover the closet and you even save a lot of space as well as money.  I

f you love the bohemian vibe, a fancy curtain is what your room is waiting for. Match your aesthetic with your curtains and change them as and when you like!

Pros: They cover the closet and you even save a lot of space as well as money. The added advantage is that you can choose the color and style.

Cons: You only need installation for the curtain rod. Also, curtains can get dirty and will need regular washing.

5. Swinging Doors

Got a large closet with a lot of space? Utilize it fully with swinging doors. It gives easy access to your closet, owing to the flexible doors. They look modest and chic. But if you’re someone who doesn’t like being in the closet with the doors shut, this might not be the one for you.

Pros: You get a larger view of your closet as the doors are quite flexible.

Cons: The doors don’t remain wide open and need to be held to stay open. Also, they require a lot of space as well.

6. Room Dividers

Standard room dividers are a great way to maximize the room space and it even creates a place for you to change your clothes, now that’s a unique added advantage. It’s flexible and can be folded and removed as per your wish. So this one could be a great fit for your room.

Pros: These are budget-friendly and require no proper installation as well.

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Cons: If not laid at the right place and right angle, it can start to look awkward.

7. Bookcase Doors

Have you seen hidden chambers behind the bookshelf in the movies? If that fascinates you, then bookcase doors are for you! It adds a great flare to the room in the most sophisticated way and even makes space for you to store and display whatever you want!

And the best part? Nobody knows there’s a closet back there.

Pros: You get a secret doorway, does the job well to hide away the closet clutter, and add flare to the room.

Cons: These can get dusty and need regular cleaning. The installation takes time and effort or may not fit in your budget.

8. Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are not very popular, but surely a great alternative. If you like to add a strong and bold look to your room, this might be a good option for you.

Pros: They’re available in wood or metal and can be designed as per your wish and style.

Cons: The downside here is that they require a large space as they need to be vaulted from the ceiling. These need to be installed properly by a professional.

9. Functional Doors

If you think doors are only meant to hide away your closet clutter, you should think again. They can solve multiple problems and prove to be functional as well according to your needs.

For instance, add a full-size mirror on the door if that’s what’s missing in your room or hooks to hang your clothes.

Love aesthetics? Add some Polaroids or photo cards to make it look fancy and colorful.

Pros: It makes your room look aesthetically pleasing and can serve different functions.

Cons: If you’re going for a mirrored door, you need to make sure you never bang the door too hard or the mirror can crack.

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10. Rolling Shades

This one might sound interesting and unique. Any kind of blinds would do the job well for a closet. Roll them down when you want to and roll them up when you need to. They come in different materials, mostly bamboo and fabrics with color and design options.

Pros: They don’t need proper installation and can be simply suspended from the ceiling.

Cons: If a proper design is not chosen according to the room tone, it might look bizarre.

11. Hanging Textiles

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to the closet door, add handmade hanging textiles instead. They’re easy to install and you can do it your way too. They’re available in numerous colors and designs.

Beaded strands or hanging plants on the sides can also add a bohemian look to your room and in the end, the job of separating your closet is getting done.

Pros: These don’t cost as much and are available in different shapes, colors designs, and sizes.

Cons: They need to be washed regularly.

You can always choose from these alternatives to Bi-Fold Closet Doors that resonates with your style and personality because, in the end, our room is the reflection of us. So, why not make it look the best?

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