16 Best Small Ironing Boards

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I cannot emphasize enough the need for an ironing board. Nobody likes wearing clothes that aren’t ironed, or even worse- aren’t ironed properly. Do you know what I’m talking about? Like, the shirt will be crisp but there will be precisely 3 wrinkles near the collar. Ugh. 

So how do we get rid of those 3 wrinkles? How do we iron our clothes in tricky spots? Your savior is the ironing board. You’re supposed to lay your clothes flat on the board while you iron them to perfection.

Since big ironing boards are a hassle and awkward to put away here is a list of the best small ironing boards.


16 Best Small Ironing Boards That You Can Use To Look Sharp Daily:

1. Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board:

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

HOW CUTE IS THIS BOARD? From its name to its teeny-meeny legs, this is the best example of keeping things short and sweet. Before I get carried away, let me tell you about the tabletop feature. This adorable board is small enough for you to put on the top of your table.

No more awkward lugging around of boards with long legs that bang into everything or come in the way. The short legs allow tabletop ironing boards to be very easily portable. When you aren’t using them, you can simply tuck them under a bed or in a corner.

If you live in a small space like a dorm, this ironing board is ideal for you. As if it wasn’t already compact enough, this Honey-Can-Do folds in itself so you can stow it in your cupboard too. It is sturdy and thick- a good combo for people who iron clothes at high heat or apply more pressure.

And don’t you hate it when you don’t know where to keep your iron? You just place it somewhere around the board but that’s risky because it might topple off and end up falling on you. Since we don’t want an iron shaped mark on our foot, we consider the fact that this board comes with an iron rest. No more injuries!

Buy it on Amazon.

2. Xabitat Wall Mounted Ironing Board:

Xabitat Wall Mounted Ironing Board - Compact Mount Fold Down Ironing Board for Small Spaces - Space Saving with Cotton Fabric Cover - White and Blue

Thanks to the modern era, we’re now living in houses built for Tinkerbell. I know there’s limited space and no one wants to buy anything taking up that precious space more. That’s where a wall mounted ironing boards come in. Their name says it all and they’re a real space saver.

Another factor is safety. Kids are always running around the house and you have ten things to worry about. You won’t have to stress about any iron-related mishaps because you can simply mount the board beyond the reach of the children. This board is also portable and suited to small spaces.

And no, it doesn’t need any professional installation- just you and 5 minutes of your time.  The only drawback is that in some cases the screws used for mounting were smaller than needed.

If you’re short on space and want smart household equipment, you’ve got a good option right here.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Ironmatik Space Saver Ironing Board:

ironmatik Space Saver Ironing Board - 44" X 15" Usage Area (Board Length 35") - Full Length 62" - Easy Storage, Adjustable Heigth, Heat Resistant Silicone Tray, Padded Top.

Just because we’re looking for something on the smaller side, doesn’t mean we abandon the classic design. The traditional ironing board is standing and if you were missing it, don’t worry. I have a space-optimized version of the same.

The reason many people prefer this style of an ironing board is because they can adjust its height. So whether you’re sitting or standing, this board’s going to do as you want it to. This type of board also works great with steam irons and has an iron rest. And I haven’t told you the best part yet. *drumroll* It requires NO assembly!!!! When was the last time you ordered a product which was set for use the minute you opened the package?

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This board doesn’t wobble either. No more breakdancing by the ironing board while you’re trying to iron clothes. Neither will it ruin your floor by scuffing. Sturdy and strong- this board proves that old is truly gold.

Buy it on Amazon.

4. Ironing Board in a Drawer:

Ironing Board in a Drawer

WHAT? Yes, you heard it right. Once upon a time someone somewhere got fed up with those long-legged ironing boards and decided to just make one small enough to fit in a drawer. You’ve got pop up storybooks but now you’ve got pop up ironing boards too.

Just make sure your cabinet measurements meet the requirements of the board before ordering it. Also, if you’re always in a hurry and tend to pull open doors or cabinets aggressively, be a darling and go gentle on this drawer. It won’t take kindly to harsh treatment.

Read the instruction manual carefully while installing this piece to ensure a smooth mechanism. Tuck it away when you’re not using it. Get this space-efficient and clever board to iron in peace.

Buy it here.

5.  Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board: 

SUPERIOR ESSENTIALS Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Have you ever cheaped out on a home essential only to regret it later? If you’re thinking ‘let’s not spend too much here, it’s not even that important’, let me stop you right there Mr/Ms. Certain household equipments are a one-time investment.

Quality is key and durability should be your priority. I hope that the title of this point is self-explanatory in nature. If there was a league of ironing boards, this one would probably be the judge. This board is the supreme wall mounter (I hope that’s a real thing).

This metal ironing board is going to become family heirloom because it’s THAT strong. Its swivel feature doesn’t discriminate between righties and lefties. The only minor hassle would probably be the fact that it requires installation with the mounting board. But come on, if you want something that lasts a lifetime- you’ll have to work for it!

Buy it on Amazon.

6. Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board:

Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board with Scorch Resistant Cover

Another dinky board!

I’ve always been fascinated by furniture or objects which can be cleverly hidden in places. For example- a dining table that magically appears from the wall. This ironing board is also a master of being invisible. You can hang it on a hook- yes!

Who knew that an ironing board could be hung??? And it’s a tabletop, the benefits of which you already know. The fabric of this board is very permeable and allows the heat to pass through easily. Moreover, lifting this board will not make you pant because it’s light as a feather. You also don’t need to worry about the price- it’s very pocket-friendly!

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Deluxe Ironing Center by OakRidgeTM XL:

Deluxe Ironing Center by OakRidgeTM XL

Small ironing boards are cool but have you heard of small ironing centers?

Imagine an ironing board where you can keep your iron, get a small cubby for your detergent or fabric softener AND have it not occupy too much space. No this is not something out of a Disney film- its real!

This board is multi-functional, it’s ironing board folds and becomes a table whereas the cubby is an adorable space for laundry supplies. It is easy to assemble and does not look tacky at all. Get this very nice ironing hub and party with your laundry!

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Buy it on Amazon.

8. Built-in Ironing Board:

You can hide this one in plain sight!

Appearances are deceptive and they look very classy in some cases. Nobody wants poking vacuum cables or folded ironing boards ruining the decor of their house. Just, no. To maintain the aesthetic of our space, we combine utility with beauty.

Take this ironing board for instance. At first glance, it appears an innocent mirror but take a closer look and you realize it is an ironing board with a shelf. Not only are you saving space, but you’re also getting more of it to keep your things. And when you’re not ironing, admire yourself in its mirror for making this smart purchase.

Buy it on Wayfair.

9. Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board:

Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

I’m one of those people who get nervous when they look at a screw or bolt. I hear the word ‘installation’ and start panicking because I can’t hold a tool in my hand for the sake of life itself.

If you’re also mechanically challenged and want absolutely no hoopla regarding fixing an ironing board, the solution is just beyond the door. Actually it’s over the door. But sure, whatever.

This is a very space-effective board because it folds into itself. You need only hang it from a door to use it. Although it’s compact, you won’t have any trouble ironing because the surface area of the board itself is adequate. It’ll allow you to iron a good amount of the fabric of your pants or shirts in one go.

However, you won’t be able to apply too much pressure as this board lacks the conventional leg at the end. However, Honey-can-do and will do a good job!

Buy it on Amazon.

10. Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board:

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board

This board also has the potential to become a family heirloom. You’ve seen boards that can be folded up when not in use but this one folds down instead. It’ll take you about 2 seconds to snap it in to place and you’ll look cool doing it.

You might not have a closet to hide it in but I’ll give you a good hack- mount the board in a place where curtains can hide it from view.  There is a pull-out iron rest so you won’t have to fumble around for a place to keep a hot iron.

The only cons here is that its installation is a bit tedious. But after you’ve installed it, you’ve got yourself a solid product.  The way I see it- you’re winning.

Buy it on Amazon.

11. Deluxe Non-Electric Built-In Ironing Board:


Another deception.

Each time you pull out this ironing board, you’re going to have a Now-You-See-Me moment. So let me explain how this works. You hang this cabinet style board near a power socket where you can plug in your iron. When you want to iron, you open the door, pull down the board and get going.

You can use the shelves to keep your iron and other things and once you’re done, simply fold the board up. You also have a choice to customize this board by picking out the kind of door you want (is it regular or raised? oak or maple? or maybe a mirror?) and the side of hinges. It’s easy to get out of the way and it looks sleek- what else do you want?

Buy it on Wayfair.

12. Air Board Compact Tabletop Ironing Board:

You know the saying ‘light as a feather’ but after you’ve used this ironing board, you’re going to say ‘light as the Air Board’. No more bulky boards- why should you weightlift when you just wanted to iron your clothes? This featherweight board is easy to put under your bed, in a closet, in a drawer or anywhere that isn’t visible.

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This is so functional in nature that it has a cute base where the legs are actually feet. Portable and user-friendly, think of it like a surfboard on which you can iron. But please don’t surf.

Buy it on Wayfair.

13. Homebasix Closet Pull-Out Retractable Ironing Board:

Homebasix Closet Pull-Out Retractable Ironing Board Stow Away in The Cabinet Easy to Install (Silver Grey)

I’m pulling out ironing boards from all the places imaginable, right? The next one up is a super cool board that pops out of your closet. So you have the whole closet at an arm’s distance. How convenient is that?! Iron your clothes and simultaneously arrange them because piles of ironed clothes on beds or couches don’t look that good.

You won’t have to make trips from your board to your closet anymore yay. And of course, you’ve got the hassle of folding and putting away the board out of the question. Although the assembly is pretty easy, check the measurement requirements before purchasing it.

Buy it on Amazon.

14. STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board:

STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs, Folding Ironing Board with Cotton Cover

Is it a toy or is it an ironing board? Is it a breakfast table or a mini desk? All very good questions.
All things need cleaning. Even ironing board covers. So it’s always better to buy boards with removable covers on them.

This is one of the reasons as to why this board is good. The second is its compactness- the board is very easy to store. It is also padded and lightweight, making it a good choice for everyday use.

Also, if there are any senior citizens out there, they will find this board very convenient to use. And if any of you pull all-nighters working on your laptop or studying, this board will double up as a small table so you won’t have to face the laptop heat.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Freestanding Ironing Board:

Back to the regular style, aren’t we?

If you’re a stickler (like me) who needs to iron EVERY PART of their clothes, and I mean EVERY PART- they’re at the right place. This board is here to ensure that you don’t miss any sleeve or collar or back wrinkles. It is here to make sure you look like Harvey Specter from Suits.

The pointed end is for the collar, the sleeve board will straighten the sleeves and its non-slip cover will make the whole fabric look crisp- no exceptions. For a standing board, it is already pretty small and in addition to this, the legs are collapsible. You can easily store this board after you’ve purchased it of course. You should really do that *winks*.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Minky Compact Ironing Board:

Minky Compact Ironing Board, 38 by 13-Inch Surface

Our showstopper for this post is Minky! Loving that name.

So there’s something called a mesh system which allows steam flow and your clothes get ironed evenly. We don’t want one side of us looking like a suit from Men In Black while the other looks like the witch from The Conjuring.

Minky is all about that mesh system. It also has an iron rest because safety is everyone’s priority. Although small, it has enough surface area for a comfortable ironing movement. Practical, pretty and portable- the three Ps of this pod is great for you!

Buy it on Amazon.

Okay wow, that’s a lot of stuff to take in about ironing boards. But I hope you’re sorted. If I see any of you with rumpled shirts, you’ve had it. Ace your meetings, parties, interviews or brunches with clothes that don’t look like a polythene bag!

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