11 Best Alternatives To Dressers in Your Bedroom

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In recent times and with the upcoming design trends, minimalism is the new black. To make your space stylish and tranquil, the key is decluttering. And by decluttering I don’t just mean your things- I also mean furniture. Even without the design aspect, less furniture is easy to maintain.

All of us want convenience because nobody has the time to clean and put in effort into their furniture. The most important question is- Is this making my life easy? This is the question I’m here to (try and) answer.

Our bedrooms are perhaps the most important space in our house. We get our rest there and get ready for the day. So this is the room that must be spick and span. No clutter, congestion, or complication. These are the three Cs we must avoid as far as possible.

The first step in achieving freedom from the Cs is replacing your dresser. I know you think you need it, but there are so many more efficient options available. Maintaining the aesthetic is as important as eliminating the 3 Cs. A dresser’s main function is storage and occasionally serves as a mirror or vanity stand. Storage is easily taken care of with these brilliant alternatives I’m about to give…


Best Alternatives To Dressers

1. Trunks And Chests

Household Essentials Trunks Standard, Large, Victorian

You can travel back in time with trunks and chests because they look like they’re straight out of an old movie. Think of yourself as a 90s actor standing on a railway platform with a red trunk by your feet. Retro, right? They’re available in plenty of different styles and it’s easy to find one which suits your space.

They look retro and chic and are not technically furniture. They add elegance to your decor and are visually appealing. Besides their beauty, they are also perfect for storage since they’re available in large sizes. You can get two big trunks or three in different sizes. Stacking them on top of each other is an option but if your articles are heavy, then unstacking will get difficult.

What you can do instead is place one trunk on either side of your bed. It will look cleaner and will also be convenient. Similarly, a chest placed at the foot of the bed or near a mirror is efficient because it can serve as a spare seat while you get ready.

One of the problems which you might encounter is messy piles within trunks or chests because the clothes could get shuffled. If you get a wooden trunk then moisture could cause rot and in turn damage your clothes. And though trunks have handles for easy mobility, they can get quite heavy once full. The hinges also require oiling or they squeak with time. The point is, trunks or chests require occasional maintenance.

Now let’s come to the teeny weeny difference between the two. Trunks were originally meant for traveling and are hence smaller in size, whereas chests were created for storage and are therefore bigger. If you are a hoarder or shopaholic then go with chests because they are more roomy. When choosing chests, cedar is a good option as it keeps insects away.

Overall, trunks and chests eliminate two Cs- clutter and congestion. But they lack a little in the complication area because it takes some effort to maintain them. But hey, beauty+minimalistic style is a good combo to go for!

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2. Beds With Storage

Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers (Queen Size, Off White)

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Say hello to the boss of neatness! Beds with storage are the best because they’re very accepting and embracing in nature. All your clothes, laptops, chargers, shoes, or books become their responsibility. Not only does this become convenient, but also makes the room neater. Since you have removed the need for any other storage piece, the room becomes more open. The storage feature can come in the form of drawers or compartments.

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If you have a lot of things to store, you can distribute your things amongst your bed storage and a wardrobe or armoire. The blankets, heavy winter coats and items of seasonal use can go inside the bed, while your daily use items can go in the wardrobe.

Now that I’ve praised it so much, I must show the flip side as well. Beds like these tend to become heavy as well (because they’re carrying your load) and when you move houses, this could pose a problem. Moreover, storage beds are pricey (cha-ching!) and you shouldn’t have to sell your organs to buy a piece of storage.

And one more daily hassle is opening the drawers all the way through to get a sweater or tee which is all the way back. Or opening and closing three-four drawers to locate a jacket because you forgot where it was.

But after all that’s said and done, storage beds are an excellent option, especially if you’re short on space. They completely throw out the two Cs of clutter and congestion and even complications to some extent. The slightly chaotic access to belongings is what prevents them from getting rid of the third C. Cut this bed some slack because in storage it’s got your back!

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3. Closet Organizing

If you think your closet space isn’t enough, you’re organizing your things wrong. Let’s fix that super quick.

Add a small chest of drawers and a small shoe rack in your closet, directly under your clothes. Segregate your things in distinct areas- your clothes should go neatly on hangers, your shoes arranged on the rack, any and all accessories in the drawers, hats or makeup on top of the chest.

Use shelf dividers to keep piles intact. The next time you open your closet you won’t find jumbled clothes. Neat and clean, Monica Geller approved. Feel free to add hooks or hanging rods for your scarves or shoes. Add a second rod and you’ve got yourself double room for your clothes (consider adding a hanging organizer too).

Also, do you know the clothes which you mistreat? The PJs, tees you wear at home, bedroom slippers, etc. Basically, anything low maintenance. All of that should go in baskets or bins, which should then be stacked on top of each other. This is very space-effective and don’t be fooled, those bins have TONS of space within.

Another hack is using hangers that aren’t bulky and take up less space on the rod. Did you know that there are open-end hangers where the clothes can slide out without you having to remove the hanger? Buy smart and organize smart. Closet organizing has the potential to eliminate all the three Cs if done right. You don’t have to spend a fortune on storage, you just need to learn how to organize using affordable closet organizing products.

4. Wardrobes

Prepac WEB-1664 Elite Storage Cabinet, 32" Wardrobe, Black

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Aka armoires. If you don’t like drawers but don’t have a closet, let me introduce you to our very French friend- the armoire. If you don’t know how to pronounce that, just call it wardrobe like I do. We all want to look smart but that gets difficult when clothes are wrinkled. And it’s not even proper rough wrinkles.

Drawers wrinkle clothes on the lines where they are folded, so your shirt will be crisply ironed but two vertical lines will run along the torso from when you folded it. Simply horrendous. A wardrobe gets rid of those lines because your clothes can hang out (literally) in it.

They also have drawers for shoes and accessories. Very few pieces of furniture store well and look cool doing it. A wardrobe is one of them. You will find wardrobes in different materials, colors, styles, and finishes. And the look is quite neat.

The only drawback is that wardrobes are quite large and hence invites the C of congestion. If you have a small space then a wardrobe might not be an ideal choice. Weigh the requirements of your room against this French friend and make a decision!

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5.  Nightstands

Prepac Salt Spring Tall Night Stand, Drifted Gray

Chances are,  you already have one of these. Every bedroom has a nightstand, and if yours doesn’t now is a great time to get it. Nightstands are great too keep things like alarm clocks, mobiles, and water handy. But nightstands can also serve as units of storage if you get ones with drawers.

I agree that your WHOLE wardrobe won’t fit in the nightstand, but small articles of clothing or accessories will. And usually the small articles are the problem. Things like scarves or earrings or hats often litter our room, giving it a shabby look. No more, ladies and gents, no more. If you get bigger nightstands you’ll be able to accommodate more things. Pair these up with bigger storage options like a wardrobe or a closet and you’re good to go!

Nightstands don’t clutter or congest but you can go wrong with their size. It’s important to measure the space beside your bed and get a nightstand accordingly. And yes, they are good for storage but if you already have a big wardrobe, they might get unnecessary. They eliminate the 3 Cs but lack utility.

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6. Cubbies

mDesign Extra Wide Dresser Storage Tower - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closet - Textured Print, 5 Drawers - Charcoal Gray/Black

More like cuties.

Horizontal cubby racks are probably the most efficient and adorable storage units ever especially the ones with pullout baskets. Here’s why cubbies are great- your clothes and things are sorted into distinct compartments, there is no scope of clothes getting jumbled, no exposure to dust or public viewing, and the aesthetic is straight out of a Disney film.

You can also label each basket with what it contains to prevent confusion. You can also use the top of the cubby stand to keep your cosmetics.

Well if you own a whole lot of things then you’ll require a whole lot of cubbies and chances are that they still won’t fit in. And where will your shoes go? One cubby per shoe pair can get a little impractical. It will take you some time to design a cubby unit where all your things fit. If you succeed, congratulations on eliminating the 3 Cs.

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7. Bookshelves

Tribesigns 12-Shelf Bookcase, Modern Tree Bookshelf Book Rack Display Shelf Storage Organizer for CDs, Records, Books, Home Office Deco (White)

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Not just for books, my friend. Humans are a pro at using things for purposes they weren’t created for. A bookshelf can serve as a very good piece of storage and can contribute to the aesthetic of your space. Bookshelves are excellent at storage because their shelves provide enough room for all your things.

If you don’t want to put your clothes directly, you could keep them in baskets and then put the baskets in the bookshelf. And since there aren’t any preset compartments, you can organize things the way you like. Bookcases will keep your pets at bay and your cat will no longer ruin your sweaters. And, the ones with the glass panels look pretty and allow you to see through. But…but…

Do you really want guests to see your clothes? Even those jeans you’ve been repeating since you were in high school? Of course not. And the other problem is the size. Bookshelves are pretty big and that is not good (C for congestion). High-quality bookshelves are certainly durable but they are also certainly expensive. Low-quality ones compromise on quality. If you have the budget and good clothes to opt for this, go ahead!

8. Plastic Bins

IRIS USA, Inc. CNL-58 58 Quart Clear Storage Box, 6 Pack

Source: Amazon

Sweet and simple.

You know when you open and close drawers because you can’t locate that one blue t-shirt? You just can’t seem to locate it but it then ends up in the first drawer you opened. Frustrating. Now, what if your storage was see-through and you could locate everything at once? Let me bring to the limelight, plastic bins.

Plastic bins have excellent durability, making them an ideal investment for storage. You get plastic containers, drawers, chests, and bins, where you could store your clothes, shoes, woolens, and jewelry. You can get colored plastic to add a pop of color or the regular transparent plastic if you like things minimal. These bins can be stacked as per your choice and are exceedingly space-effective along with being quite pocket-friendly.

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But we know the trouble with see-through storage. We don’t want to see our things at full display 24/7. Additionally, low quality plastic tends to yellow with time and needless to say looks awful. An alternative could be buying opaque plastic bins. All in all, these two have the potential of eliminating the three Cs, provided they are of high quality.

9. Garment Racks

Simple Houseware Industrial Grade Z-Base Garment Rack, 400lb Load with 62" Extra Long bar

Source: Amazon

Now we’re talking glam. Garment racks look like they’re straight out of an actor’s vanity van. Every day you’ll wake up and feel like Sarah Jessica Parker on a movie set. Garment racks are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You hang up your ‘nice’ clothes, fold your ‘daily’ clothes, and organize your shoes.

Garment racks have rolly wheels which make them super portable. And I know what you’re thinking, EVEN THIS IS SEE-THROUGH, but it isn’t. Some garment racks also come with a cover (if not, you can buy one on Amazon) that protects your clothes from dust and public viewing. They’re available in a wide price range and you are bound to find something in your budget.

Garment racks get rid of all the 3 Cs effectively (maybe a little less in congestion, because they are big). If you want to live your Hollywood dreams- start by getting yourself a garment rack.

10. Shelving

AHDECOR White Deep Floating Shelves Display Ledge Shelf with Invisible Blanket 36"

Source: Amazon

There are so many ways you can go with shelving– shelves above your bed, along the walls, on one wall, inside your closet, and much more. You could make the shelves yourself or get them done by a professional. Using shelf dividers will help you organize your things in an orderly fashion.

Shelves look great but they come with their own set of problems. If not organized well, clothes will fall off and land on your head. Since shelves are open, dust will settle on that very nice dress you bought from Zara. And your things will be on display.

You can overcome the first two problems by making shelf compartments and adding doors. A bit time consuming, but fruitful. The Cs of clutter, congestion, and complication are resolved partially. If you have the time and energy- go for shelving, but you do have other less consuming options.

11. Lingerie Chests

VASAGLE Narrow Chest of Drawers, Classic Tall Dresser with 6 Drawers, Solid Wood Frame, Storage Unit for Bedroom, Living Room, with Antique-Style Handles, Easy Installation, Espresso URCD06BR

Source: Amazon

Think of these like a tall, slim chest. A chest who is a model!

Lingerie chests are also complimentary storage units- used in combination with others. They’re vertical and very space-effective. Due to their design, they fit into almost any space well. And if you live alone, without a lot of stuff, a lingerie chest alone is enough for your storage needs. Their sleek style makes them a hit with small scale houses and you can get them in a design of your choice.

Things get wrinkly (literally) when you get to the drawers. There is no hanging space in lingerie chests and you remember the fold lines I spoke about, right? No congestion, clutter or complication but where is the storage space? If you are not a hoarder or shopaholic, this piece is your dream come true.

Bet you never knew you had so many choices! DIYs are also an option- shoeboxes, milk crates or laundry baskets, all have the potential to be cool storage units. Get artsy and design them yourself! Since your storage is taken care of, you can now get a full-length mirror and admire yourself for as long as you want.

But do keep in mind the requirements of your space before you settle on one of these options. Don’t pick something which is too big (or small), too tacky, or impractical for your room. Measure your room before making a decision and don’t forget to add a personal touch!

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