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    13 Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

    Sliding glass doors are not exactly considered the safest feature for a house. There are of course a couple of reasons behind this judgment. These sliding glass doors come with a built-in lock which is not often the most reliable or the most secure for that matter. The worst-case scenario is that it can be […] More

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    17 Types of Wood Wall Paneling

    Wood wall paneling has become an increasingly popular style for both the interior as well as exterior space. They provide a classic look that has proved to be timeless and much loved for the aesthetic character it creates. With a more modernized vibe to it, there are now different types of wood wall paneling options […] More

  • boat seats

    How To Clean Boat Seats

    Stains, hideous mold, and mildew that covers the seats of your boat can be both a matter of great concern and embarrassment. If you want to keep your boat seats looking new, then it’s about time you rethink your technique of cleaning them.  Not many people are aware of the important things to be kept […] More