15 Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors That Look Much Better

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Sliding glass doors are horizontal windows that separate the interior and exterior of a house in order to provide fresh air and light. These sliding glass doors always look the same. They are plain and uninspiring. They aren’t very secure when it comes to burglary either.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to sliding glass doors that will act as the same focal point as the former. And what’s more? They add an oomph factor to your house and make it visually appealing. They provide similar features as sliding glass doors. They are equally efficient and guarantee security.


15 Alternatives to Sliding Glass Doors That Look Much Better

To make your job easier, we have compiled a great list of alternatives to sliding glass doors that will divide the inside of your home in the most alluring way. 

1. French doors

The French doors are synonymous with style. They are ultramodern, provide a significant amount of light, and can be customized as per your needs. If you don’t want both sides of the door to operate, you can customize it and make one other them immobile.

The glass panels are integrated into the surface door which means the door has glass from head to toe. If you love glass doors but aren’t fond of sliding doors, this is the perfect match. You can opt for the doors that swing inward and outward on hinges. 

Pros Cons 
Offers more security than sliding glass doorsThey require way more space than sliding glass doors 
They are aesthetically pleasing French doors can be very expensive 
They make the room appear big The installation is very difficult and cannot be done as a DIY project 

2. Accordion doors

Accordion doors are installed to save space in residential and commercial properties. They are versatile and innovative. They don’t swing inward or outward like French doors. They have a unique ability to fold up within space. They are doors that fold. If you are looking to add a door to your closet, then an accordion door is the best option.

Pros Cons
Excellent choice for small areas like pantry, laundry room, and wall safe Not suitable for larger areas like living room patios 
Low maintenance and energy efficiencyThey can be expensive 
They are lightweight and compact Not as secure as French doors 

3. Curved French doors

Curved French doors are also known as arched doors. They are the most trending door design at the moment. It’s a great way to not only transform your doors but also the interior of your home. The curved top has a timeless appeal and you can choose from three options: round, oval, and semi-circular door shape.

They create an illusion of extra height and make the room airy and spacious. They are made of wood, energy-efficient, and they are very easy to maintain

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Only work well in large properties Not suitable for small spaces
Doubles the value of your homeExpensive to make and install 
Adds a distinct Roman renaissance touch to your house They don’t provide natural light at an optimum level

4. Glass roll-up doors

If you want to add an industrial chic touch to your house, these glass roll-up doors are your best choice. They blend well with any kind of interior and room. They provide a good amount of light to the interior and can even be installed as garage doors and storage sheds. 

You can opt for frosted or tin glass if you require privacy. They come in various materials: PVC, aluminum, steel, and others. 

They are stylish and flexibleOnly glass doors let in sunlight
They save space as they open upward instead of in and outCan only be installed by a professional 
Easy access to the outdoors Not safe for children 

5. Wooden sliding doors

Wooden sliding doors connect indoors and outdoors seamlessly. They give your house a rustic touch. They are usually found in barns. Wooden sliding doors usually work as a room divider but you can also use them to hide your television, kitchen, or kitchen cabinets.

They come in various designs and patterns. You don’t have to worry about glass shattering with wooden sliding doors. They are easy to slide. All you have to do is gently push the door from one side to the other.

They are energy efficient and environment-friendlyThe wooden doors don’t let in sunlight unless you slide the door
They are space-saving doors Difficult to clean and maintain
They are shatterproof  Wood is always prone to chipping and termites

6. Dutch doors

Dutch doors are casual and hip. It has a farmhouse design that adds character to your entrance. It is a single door split into two. The top half can be opened and closed as pleased, whereas the bottom half remains closed. It comes with a locking system as well but the type of door lock can be customized based on preference.

They can also be used as interior doors to separate work or office rooms from the living room. You can also choose if you want to have window panes on the top. But if you want privacy, you can choose wooden doors that are fully covered.

Lets in more fresh airIf you live in a dusty area, then the house is at risk of germs, and other airborne insects
Easy to keep pets and children inside the houseThey are more expensive than normal doors
They double up as a baby gate They have to be installed only by a professional

7. Pivot doors

A regular door opens and closes on hinges, but pivot doors work on spindles. They rotate vertically on the spindles attached to the side of the door. They swing both ways and they are opted by those who wish to have a wide main door. 

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Pivot doors can be used as entrance doors or as shower doors. They come in three materials: wood, steel, and glass. They provide an elegant design and they are mostly seen in modern homes.

They can rotate 360 degrees vertically Pivot doors can chip and crack over time
The larger handles on this door enhance the door’s lookYou can hurt your fingers while closing and opening the doors
They are strong and durableThey don’t seal completely like other regular doors 

8. Revolving doors

Rotating or revolving doors are usually seen in building entrances. It consists of three or four doors that rotate on a vertical axis. They are hung on a central shaft. The doors are called wings or leaves. 

One of the most unique characteristics of a revolving door is that it keeps the conditioned air inside and the unconditioned air outside. It never lets the air mingle. They are energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of a building. 

Protects against dust and noiseVery expensive 
Can only be used as the main entrance of a house or other commercial properties They can’t be used as an interior divider
They come in both automatic and manual modesDoesn’t offer fire protection

9. Outward swinging doors

If you don’t wish to cover the upper area of a place, then a swinging door is the right choice. It doesn’t cover the place from top to bottom. You can also place them at the center if you like. Swinging doors don’t require door handles or knobs. They are mostly seen in hospitals and police stations. They are used to divide the kitchen pantry and the living room. 

Pros Cons
Saves floor space in the room Not safe 
They are very hard to break down People can be hit by the swinging door 
Can see the other side of the room easily Poor at controlling odors that travel from one room to the other 

10. Shoji sliding screens

Shoji sliding screens are wooden sliding doors with translucent paper instead of glass. They are made of lightweight wooden materials like bamboo. They are Japanese sliding screen which has become a trend in western culture. 

They have a very special quality where they keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer because of Shoji which absorbs solar radiated heat. They can be installed as a pantry, closet, and kitchen doors

Provides the room with a soft glow They don’t provide bright light like glass doors
Very convenient and easy to install Not soundproof or waterproof
They come in different patterns They are difficult to clean and maintain 
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11. Folding doors

Folding doors are similar to Accordion doors. They are flexible and don’t occupy space like other traditional doors. They can be installed as a room divider or on balconies and patios. They have several panels that fold or unfold when you open or close them.

Safe for kids and petsThey are expensive 
Offers better ventilationNo proper draining can become an issue 
They don’t take up much space It may cause privacy issues 

12. Center-hinged doors

As the name suggests, center-hinged doors have a hinge on the center. They have a fixed pane and the door folds back at 180 degrees. They have a multi-point lock system that will secure the area. 

Cheaper than French doors Not so aesthetically pleasing 
Provide better security than most doors They don’t let in much light 
Easy to install and replace They are only suitable for the exterior of the house 

13. Pocket doors

Pocket doors are like sliding doors but they disappear when they are fully open. They are from the Victorian era and made their debut in libraries and dining rooms. They have made a comeback today and are seen in homes with small spaces. 

Provides space by eliminating the door completely Pocket doors are mostly noisy 
They go with any decor They aren’t long-lasting 
No obstacles in the way for people in wheelchairs Even though they aren’t expensive, they are difficult to install 

14. Multi-panel sliding doors

Multi-panel sliding doors are made of more than one panel. They can be made of up to 10 panels which provide extensive sunlight. The moving panels are aligned in a row. They come in both manual and automatic operating systems. 

Provides good panoramic views They take up too much space 
Incredible flexibility and design They are more expensive than regular sliding doors
They can be opened from one side or even from the middle Extreme weather conditions can put the doors at risk 

15. Bamboo doors

Bamboo doors are made out of bamboo beams and they are perfect for Bohemian-style lovers. They are rich in design and come in various patterns. If you don’t want to use a lot of hardwood, this type of door will be your best choice.

They are fast-growing, durable, and have a positive effect on the environment. Bamboo doors are easily affordable and are the cheapest type of door on this list. 

They have sound-absorbing characteristics No variety in colors 
Insect-resistance The bamboo surface is prone to scratches and cracks 
Easy installation They are not moisture-resistant 

Doors are an integral part of every household. Thanks to the alternatives to sliding glass doors mentioned above, you won’t have to settle for the old-fashioned sliding glass doors anymore.

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