8 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas To Give your Home A Sparkling Look

8 tips to give your home a new sparkling look

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Are you tired of the same look of your beautiful house? Need some creative ideas for your home for some variety and change?

Well, most of us are looking for small changes that give a new look to our house and make it differentiable than the previous look. But at the same time, our budget occupies another part of our brain. So here are some creative ideas for your home to change its looks while keeping the budget thing in mind.

1. Memories all around

photos on wall

You can update your photo wall. You can display your life story with awesome photos depending on the space available. If you are working with photos for the living room, then you may need a more formal style by using a photo frame. You can do the same for the room or just hang the photos according to your choice. It’s totally up to you. You can try experimenting with both of them and choose the one which looks better

2. Change your decor

No, I am not talking about choosing elegant home interiors and spending a hefty sum on it. A simple way is to bring in accessories. You can either buy new accessories or just shuffle the place of accessories which you own.

For example, A vase which has been kept in the living room for a long time can be shuffled and kept in the bedroom for some time. This gives your rooms a new look without burning a hole in your pocket.

3.Rearrange and restyle your shelf

This is very simple. Shuffling and rearranging things around on a shelf can make your shelf look very different. You can also keep away things which have been kept on display for a while and substitute them with things which are in storage.

4.Handle your handles

Handles and doorknobs are very inexpensive to change. There are numerous beautiful options which are affordable easily available on Amazon. Changing handles and doorknobs add up to the sparkling look of the house,

5.Wall upgrades

wall upgrade

Painting the walls is the first option that comes to our mind. Yes, you can definitely do that but that takes time. Another, easy and fast option which just takes a few hours to complete is wallpaper. Amazon has an amazing collection of beautiful wallpapers.

It looks stunning and is less tedious as compared to painting. Wallpaper changes the entire look of the wall and seeing those prints on the wall is something different. To make a lasting impression, you can choose a bold print even if it is not in a bright color.

6.Introduce your home to flowers


If you use flowers as a part of your home decor, then we’ll and good. If not, then you can definitely consider doing it. If you don’t want to take care of plants or stay busy, then you can consider these beautiful hard to kill hanging plants.

You can change and replace your old flowers with new flowers every week. Going for artificial ones isn’t a bad choice too. Save flowers!

7.Changing the covers

Change the covers of cushions, dining tables, etc. Get 2-3 varieties of covers for a single stuff and change it periodically. You can make it a regular phenomenon as it gives variety and a new look to your household stuff.

8.Think about the window

Windows are more often overlooked while redesigning the interior. Pick curtains that are both stylish and functional. Luxurious fabrics add up to a great extent to the richness of the house.  If you always had curtains, you can switch to blinds. 

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Now, we hope these creative ideas for your home were useful, but if you have any other ideas which fit the list above, comment it below. We would be happy to hear from you! Help us improve!


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