12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks That Will Sharpen Your Kitchen Knowledge

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Are you a cooking expert? I am quite sure that many of you would be. Then too, there are many tips and tricks for cooking which you might not have heard about or might not have applied in your daily life. These are such tricks which could be an addition to your cooking knowledge, thus expanding your creative dimensions. These kitchen hacks are useful for you on a daily basis and will broaden your kitchen knowledge. So let’s have a look at them.

1. Store tomatoes with the stem end down

Want to make Tomatoes Last Longer? Well, air and moisture are mostly responsible for the fast rotting of tomatoes. So to prevent air and moisture from getting into the tomato, store it with the stem facing downwards. The stem is the main path for the entry of moisture. So this trick helps in keeping your tomatoes last longer.

2. Honey for cut fruits to last longer

If you are worried about your already cut fruits’ lasting, then here is the solution. Make a mixture of one part honey and two parts water and pour it into the container in which your cut fruits are kept. It prevents them from browning as it slows down the oxidation process.

When I ate such fruit, it tasted a bit more sweet, obviously because of the honey. So, if the fruit is not naturally sweet, you can consider using this hack. Haha, a fun part. It’s up to you whether you think of this sweetening factor as an advantage or disadvantage. I prefer naturally sweet fruits.

3. Protecting semolina from flour bugs

Semolina is something which is easily attacked by flour bugs if proper preventions are not taken. To prevent it from flour bugs, roast the semolina for 5-10 minutes ( till it color changes a little bit), then allow it to cool and store in any container.

4.Castor oil for rice

Even rice is attacked by flour bugs. For this, apply castor oil on raw rice and mix it properly so that the oil forms a coat on rice. This oil prevents flour bugs. When you want to use that rice, infuse it in water for a short period of time or wash it thoroughly before cooking. This is because castor oil is a laxative and should not be consumed. It is one of the best kitchen hacks to prevent flour bugs on rice.

5. Cool your soda and beer bottles faster

Wrap your soda and beer bottles with a wet paper towel before putting in the fridge to cool them faster. So if you have guests arriving at your home in a short time or you need chilled bottles as soon as possible, this is an option worthy of consideration.

This trick has saved me once when guests were scheduled to arrive in around an hour, I guess and we didn’t have enough cooled soda bottles.

6. Cut your raw and slippery chicken easily

Cutting raw chicken can sometimes be a difficult task. To make it easy, firm up the chicken before cutting it. Keep it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This makes the meat less slippery and can be cut into thin slices faster and easy.

Well, not of use to vegetarians, for example, the person writing this post.

7. Keeping your herbs fresh

Herbs are something that goes bad very easily. To keep your herbs fresh, chop them and add them to a mixture of water and a few drops of olive oil. Freeze the mixture after pouring it into a tray. When you require the herbs, just allow it to melt and your fresh herbs are ready for use.

If you use this method, herbs easily last for a few weeks

Or another option is storing it in airtight containers and keep in the fridge.

8. Don’t let the last of honey in the jar go waste

Don’t leave away the last few drops of honey in the jar. You can use it to sweeten your beverage. You can make a simple lemonade by pouring some lemon and water in the jar.

Similarly, even the last of peanut butter or something like that can be put to use. What’s the benefit in just throwing away any stuff?

9. Vast usage of panini maker

Yep, it is widely used for making grill sandwiches and many other delicious grilled items. You can even use it for making omelets.

11. Sharpen your knives


You can even sharpen your knife at home if you do not have time for professional knife sharpening. Just quickly rub the blade on the unglazed portion on the bottom of a ceramic plate or mug. Learn about how to do this here

11. Soften up your butter quickly.

Now you do not need to keep your butter at room temperature and wait for a long time until it softens.  Pour hot water into a glass and keep it for a few seconds until the glass becomes heated up. Then pour out the water and place the glass inverted over the stick of butter and the butter will soften up in just a few minutes.

12. Don’t throw leftover food

This is one of the important sign of a good cook. A good cook never lets leftover food go waste,  but prepare some recipe from it using his mind and adding the correct ingredients. You can experiment with the leftover food, who knows you may invent a delicious dish.

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Now, we hope you sharpened your kitchen knowledge with these kitchen hacks, but if you have any other hack which can enrich the list above, comment it below. We would be happy to hear from you!

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