11 Packing Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Your Journey Better

11 packing tricks

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Traveling is something most of us enjoy. But I guess, the most difficult part for all of us in our journey is packing and some packing tips would be great. Am I right?

We often face space and organization problems while packing for our trip. Some people even end up hating it. But I’m not one of them!

I found and adopted certain packing tips and hacks which made packing easier and more organized for me. These packing tips are easy to implement and also save space.

So, have a look at my packing tips that will help you enjoy your journey better, and let me know what you think about them.

11 Packing Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Your Journey Better

1. Masking Tape for Toiletry Bottles

Put masking tape around the lid of toiletries to prevent leakage and free up space because then you don’t need to store them in a separate toiletry bag.

For additional safety, you can put it in a Ziploc bag if you are concerned about leakage. Even if it leaks after putting in a Ziploc bag, the leak will be restricted to the bag.

An alternative to this is covering and sealing the lid with cling wrap. This is a good trick to save the space from getting littered.

2. Sunglasses Case for Cables

While traveling, I always use a sunglasses case for storing charger cables, earphones, and other USB wires. Whenever you need any of the cables, you don’t have to search and disturb the entire suitcase.

It keeps the wires tangle-free and unorganized. Also, you will get a separate and proper space for these essential things.

3. Roll Up Your Clothes

Maximize the space by rolling up the clothes instead of folding them. It is a very easy method and saves a lot of time otherwise spent in folding the clothes.

Clothes on rolling are safeguarded against wrinkles. I usually roll up small clothes and make a layer of them in my suitcase followed by a layer of folded clothes. This saves space and at the same time keeps the suitcase organized.

4. Fill Up the Shoes

While traveling, I never keep empty shoes in my bag. I stuff them with socks, bracelets, other small items.

You can even keep your fragile items such as sunglasses, perfumes, small glassware in your shoes. Your shoes will provide them with an extra cushion for protection.

This also saves the space which would otherwise have been used by those things. So don’t let the space in your shoes go waste by keeping them empty. This is among the best packing tips for travel as it utilizes space properly.

5. Keep Shoes away from the Clothes

I know this trick is very common and you might know it already. But if you aren’t practicing it, then you should start doing it now. 

I keep the shoes separate from the rest of the clothes by keeping them either in a plastic bag or shower cap.

You should also avoid carrying an extra pair of shoes in your bag. Just take a pair that will go with most of your outfits instead of trying to carry all pairs.

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6. Stuff Your Hat

If you are carrying a hat, you can prevent it from getting squished by folding a t-shirt and stuffing it in the inside of your hat. I do this as it has two advantages: it keeps the hat in good condition and it provides space for a t-shirt.

7. Take Extra Care of Delicate Dresses

Worried about the handling of your delicate and expensive dresses while traveling? To ensure their safety, roll delicate dresses between two sheets of white tissue paper. On doing that, those sheets will care for your dresses.

8. Keep the Heaviest Items near the Wheels

Arrange the heaviest items closest to the wheels of the suitcase. Otherwise, the entire weight of the heavy items is transferred onto delicate and less heavy items, thus damaging them.

9. Take a Unique Suitcase

Take along a unique suitcase to reduce the risk of getting it exchanged with some other person while traveling. The uniqueness may be in the form of color, pattern, your name inscribed on it, or unique marks.

10. Consider Using Packing Cubes

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Packing cubes help greatly in keeping your things organized. They compartmentalize your suitcase, making it easy for you to find something without messing up the entire suitcase.

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11. Manage Your Earrings with Buttons

To keep your pair of earrings together, put them through the holes in a button—a simple as well as an efficient way to keep your earrings organized. This also reduces the risk of them getting lost.

We shared what we found and did our bit, now it’s your turn to help us share and spread the knowledge!


We hope you’ve found these packing tips useful, and if you have any other packing tips, comment below. We would be happy to hear from you!

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